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Hey Ma…I’m on the news!!!!!!!!

Matt Colvin, price gouger (photo: New York Times)

After talking about my Christmas shopping panic on my radio show in 1992, a man called me and said he could help me get the one Power Ranger doll that my kid wanted from Santa Claus. I met the listener in a mall parking lot where he sold me the doll for triple its retail price.

I wanted to walk away but I thought of my kid’s Christmas morning joy and took the hit. But I will never forget the skeezy smile on that old man’s face as he took my money.

A prick like that would get his karma some day, some way, somehow. But a Merry Christmas to everyone else, I thought. Simon loved his toy and my disgust with the greedy listener faded.

Now we have coronavirus and people are gouging others for truly necessary items like sanitizers, cleaning supplies, and disinfectants. The New York Times spotlighted a pair of brothers in Tennessee who did their best to sting people who are panicking about the spread of a potentially deadly disease.

But never mind life or death when there’s money to be made. Notice how Matt Colvin in the above video needs 10 seconds to answer the reporter’s question as to whether he is sorry that he is gouging people.

Colvin is a ruthless capitalist for trying to corner the market on sanitization products during a pandemic.

Of course, now that he’s been dragged on social media, Colvin is happy to donate the necessary products to first responders. Too late, cupcake. You’ll never scrub away this stank.

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