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Joanne from Vail offers CRT, Clumsy Race Theory πŸ™„

The liberal white savior always knows what’s best for Black people. You don’t even need to ask. They’ll just tell you without prompting. πŸ˜–

Barrington Martin II is a great follow on Twitter. He confounds Liberals who constantly tell him that he is not the Black man that he should be! How dare he conduct his life on his own terms!

Barrington Martin ll

Barrington’s poignant responses to challengers are Twitter gold. Some of his like-minded supporters deliver top notch insights, too. “Munchausen by proxy” is a brilliant assessment!

Barrington has been very vocal in opposing Critical Race Theory, a teaching strategy that essentially divides America into two camps: oppressors and victims. Most Liberals vehemently challenge anyone who questions the value of CRT.

Some members of Congress publicly question America’s integrity during the Independence Day weekend celebration of the nation’s birth.

Freedom of speech is a beautiful privilege. So is the freedom to be wrong.

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