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Clay Travis vs Matt Jones πŸ”₯ latest battle over podcast download numbers

Matt Jones at Fancy Farm (photo: Courier Journal)

Our iHeart Radio #BBN god Matt Jones is a terrific radio talent. He is provocative, knowledgable, and humorous. I am a friend and fan. Matt brings a lot of attention to our business which boosts all of our stations.

Clay Travis

These same attributes can be said of Tennessee broadcast icon Clay Travis, founder of and a host of many sports and cultural amplifying media products.

These two can’t stand each other.

Matt just brag tweeted about his Kentucky Sports Radio (KSR) show being #1 in America. Clay wasn’t going to let that incorrect claim stand for long.

This isn’t their first social media spat. There have been several prior exchanges that would make most people turn off the attention spigot. These two can’t stop thinking about the other guy.

With Rush Limbaugh now gone, the noon-3 PM eastern time slot has a gaping hole. Many industry insiders think that Clay Travis and his team are the top contenders to pick up that national syndication slot to woo many adrift listeners. Travis would deal more with sports and culture with politics as a third rail of content.

Chris Tomlin, Terry Meiners, Matt Jones

I would prefer that Matt Jones and Kentucky Sports Radio take the noon-3 slot on WHAS in Louisville because it also focuses on sports, culture, and politics but is rooted in Kentucky flavoring.

Keep an eye on both of them. They’re brash. They’re lawyers. They’re never going to stop irking each other.

It’s media drama that Rush would have enjoyed spotlighting.

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