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Media vs Trump jumps new shark, Orange Man assumes he is King of USA


Oh look! Time for another presidential press conference!

At his daily combative press briefing to address COVID-19 issues, President Donald Trump played video clips highlighting media voices that affirm his coronavirus response timeline claims.

It was an unusual pushback against the daily hostility media and Trump sling at each other.

Fascinating theater. As expected, the media was not pleased. CNN called Trump’s truth reel propaganda even though it contained their own product.

Headlines dabbled in hysteria.

It was a brilliant move to thwart a nearly constant media drumbeat claiming Trump administration incompetence in handling the pandemic.

However, Trump’s ubiquitous critics are able to post their own video in response.

A day earlier, media went crazy over a Trump re-tweet the included a #FireFauci hashtag. Dr. Anthony Fauci was on a Sunday morning political show where he referenced “pushback” among experts and Trump administration officials managing the COVID-19 strategies.

Fauci clarified his use of “pushback” and was irked that a media follow up questioned his independence.

The same battle plays out in virtually every Trump press conference. Aggressive questioning – often blurted in the middle of a Trump response – escalates tensions unlike anything witnessed during previous presidential administrations.

Imagine a media person shouting down Barack Obama. Heresy! Try to find critical reporting of Barack Obama the man, not the Obama administration, but Obama personally. It’s rare earth.

2009 White House Correspondents Dinner: “I am Barack Obama. Most of you covered me. All of you voted for me.” (uproarious laughter and applause)

With Trump, the dominant media culture plays the same song in every newscast. What is Trump for? Whatever it is…I’m against it!

Trump bulldozes through media “accountability” questions that were never asked of his predecessor. That says that there is a predetermined narrative in the dominant media culture. Want proof? Tell a media person that they sound pro-Trump on the air (or in print) and watch them lose their mind as they disabuse that notion.

The New York Times

Trump also claimed, incorrectly, that he has the ultimate power to determine when individual states can re-open for regular business. The United States Constitution begs to differ. Governors have final say on matters affecting their particular state, commonwealth, or territory.

NBC News

Note how many times you’ve seen media reports highlighting contradictions in safety claims made by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Crickets.

Eating one’s words is not a delicacy for Trump, Pelosi, or self-proclaimed impartial media egos. The problem is that digital recordings last forever.

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