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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Courier Journal reporter Bailey Loosemore was embedded with Louisville protesters as they swarmed LMPD officers. The police were having a car removed from a no parking zone near the protest site that has seen one murder and multiple battles with police over the past two months.

The reporter’s caption is more supportive of the protester claims. First, the type of liquid is unknown. In prior protests, police have had urine and chemicals thrown at them. This video does not clarify the actual substance splashed toward several officers, not just one.

“People in the crowd say” sets up a hearsay problem. The same problem arises from the reporter’s secondary claim that “protesters say the car’s owner was never asked to move it.”

Who is the car owner? Why not get a direct quote from that person?

Read the comments for more backseat driving misdirection.

On a parallel front, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer began his one year term as president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. His office posted a video touting leadership, listening, and learning.

Read the comments section to see how the Louisville protesters and #BlackLivesMatter constituents aren’t having any of what the mayor is serving.

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