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Dear God, our judge, heal our brokenness

God, our judge, we plead our case with you.

Lay your Divine hand upon the outcome of this (Derek Chauvin) case and also on our compatriots’ anger, thoughts of revenge, and the insatiable need to disrupt and destroy. Stay any inclinations toward violence and remind us that vengeful behavior is no more justified than the acts of those who precipitated this grief and harm and ignited our cities.

As you inevitably judge our response to the incidents of unrest that plague our land, forgive our iniquities and heal our brokenness. Redeem the soul of our country.

Today’s opening prayer in Congress delivered by Rear Admiral Margaret Grun Kibben (ret) covers every facet of America’s dilemmas with right and wrong, race equity, revenge, and compassion.

Beautifully stated, Chaplain Kibben!

Rear Admiral Margaret Grun Kibben also served as chaplain for the U.S. Marines

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