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Hey WOKE people, in the aftermath of the Nashville bombing, how’s that Defund the Police concept working out?

Nashville’s Second Avenue, Christmas morning 2020

When loner maniac Anthony Warner parked his RV on Nashville’s primary tourist street on Christmas morning, he opted to play a countdown evacuation warning that an explosion was coming.

The recording was accurate. The entire RV exploded at 6:41 AM, damaging buildings and vehicles for several blocks. Scant human remains of Warner were identified in the rubble.

Police were originally summoned to the area after gunshots were heard a few minutes earlier. Later intelligence suggests that the bomber played sound effects of shots fired.

Was the maniac trying to lure first responders and cops into a death trap? We may never know. That lunatic is dead. Speculation is that he was paranoid about 5G service spying on people so he parked the RV next to the AT&T server building.

Watch this chilling Nashville police body cam video of the moments before and after the explosion. Thankfully no one but the terrorist was killed. Nonetheless, the police patrolling the area and warning residents to evacuate were in grave danger.

But they continued to think about citizen safety instead of protecting themselves.

How incredibly fortunate for the six Nashville police officers whose lives were toyed with by the bomber. Here’s their emotional press conference. (video begins at 4:45)

So here we see police officers who are called into a death trap. They didn’t run away to protect themselves. They used police defense strategies to save lives, knocking on doors and evacuating inhabitants to safer areas. The police officers continually patrolled the area to protect human life, putting their own safety in jeopardy.

Where are the clueless DEFUND THE POLICE loudmouths today?

Could social workers have replaced cops in this terrorism scenario? Could community organizers handle this situation? Could private citizens conduct a safe evacuation?

Absolutely not. Only uniformed law enforcement personnel would be taken seriously in a situation like this. Civilians banging on doors and shouting instructions would look sketchy to sleepy residents fearful of deception by con artists.

A social worker is a good listener and hugger. According to his neighbors, Warner was never interested in human interaction.

Loner. Cop hater. Pothead. That’s pretty much the extent of his legacy.

Warner is just one of hundreds of thousands of mentally ill, criminally driven, or anarchist personalities roaming American streets.

Police are necessary for dangerous tasks that casually dressed replacements could never complete. That’s why the DEFUND THE POLICE movement is the most asinine, ill-informed, childish, simplistic, tone deaf pursuit of our lifetime.

Nashville is one of tens of thousands of annual instances in America where an unhinged, violent sociopath attempts or completes a depraved act against society. Cruel maniacs inflict pain, suffering, psychological trauma, emotional agony, assault, rape, and death upon innocent citizens every day.

Take a look at crime stats from Atlanta. Here is the comparison of 2019 vs. 2020 (through December 19).

Atlanta crime, 2019 vs 2020 (through 12/19/20)

Here is the murder tote board for New York City over the past decade. NYC is up 41% over last year in total homicides.

Black Lives Matter. Police officers matter. A reduction in law enforcement and community protection is a death sentence for a free society.

Louisville, like Atlanta and many other cities, is reeling from record homicides in 2020. That ain’t because of cops. It’s from a lack of cops, respect for community safety, and proper parental guidance of their wayward delinquent children.

Three-year-old Trinity Randolph was assassinated by a sociopath who first murdered her father over whatever their beef. But then he felt the need to shoot to death a baby – 3 years old – for no reason whatsoever.

Where are the WOKE white people? Where is Black Lives Matter? Where is our compassionate Mayor Greg Fischer?

Silent. There’s no political capital to be gained from focusing on Trinity’s death. It received a few days of media coverage and then no one paid any further attention.

Trinity Randolph, one of Louisville’s murder victims during 2020

But Breonna Taylor…oh that’s a cause celebre for WOKE whities to make themselves appear to care about Black struggles.

Trinity who? Why aren’t groups of WOKE people shouting SAY HER NAME!

Systemic criminality festers when law enforcement is constantly demonized by media and influential voices.  Breonna is the phrase that pays. Trinity can’t  move the WOKE needle.

What happens in the suburbs where so many WOKE whities live? They fully fund their police departments because proper police protection preserves lives.

Louisville has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on pointless posturing programs like The Interrupters. That’s where they pay criminals to supposedly dissuade other criminals from killing their drug or gang rivals.  (HELPFUL HINT: That’s what parents are supposed to do; teach their children not to murder other people).

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer

WOKE leaders diminished police power by spending money hiring felons with street cred.  It’s been a ridiculous waste of assets and most cities have disbanded the program.

Media outlets will run stories for months about a Black teenager stopped and searched by police but Trinity Randolph’s murder does not advancing the WOKE agenda.

Black murders against other Black people are not for public discussion. WOKE people vilify anyone who is not Black mentioning the crisis of Black community homicides.  It’s RACIST, or WHITESPLAINING, or STAY IN YOUR LANE.

Homicides are committed across every racial line. Murder is everyone’s problem. A community is everyone’s “lane.” A festering community cancer eventually kills the entire community.

More police presence reduces crime. The statistics prove it.  America’s crime rates had been going down for several years and then along comes Ferguson and a dozen other police shootings of Black people. WOKE media amplifies a false or skewed narrative (Hands up, Don’t Shoot) and it gives birth to the insipid DEFUND THE POLICE movement. Boom! Crime rates, especially murders, skyrocket.

Cops are tentative and criminals are emboldened: see The Ferguson Effect. Michael Brown was “an inappropriate symbol” of police brutality, according to this Black Washington Post opinion writer Jonathan Capehart.

But lazy media gloms onto false narratives so as to appear WOKE and “down with the struggle” when a simple bit of follow up investigation would produce fully accurate storytelling. I’m looking at you Jussie Smollett, Bubba Wallace, and Hurricane Katrina reporters.

Today’s ludicrous Defund The Police campaign leads to deeper isolation in society akin to settling the wild west. Cops are quitting in droves. Criminals run rampant as honorable citizens are arming their homes as fortresses.

misguided advice from lawyer and BLM activist Derecka Purnell (August 2020)

It’s time for WOKE politicians, celebrities, and athletes to stop advocating for DEFUND THE POLICE movements and accept the reality that law enforcement holds the line for societal safety in EVERY neighborhood.

Social workers, interrupters, de-escalators and community activists are no match for mayhem.  Criminals – who essentially terrorize their own neighbors – have their knees on the necks of societal freedom.

Slipshod parenting is a root cause for criminal behavior. Let the social workers and community activists work on that conundrum.

Proper police officers offer the best blanket of security in any society.

Tennessee media personality Clay Travis examines some of these issues in greater detail.

Forget DEFUND THE POLICE. 2020’s escalation of insane anarchy demands ADDITIONAL FUNDING FOR THE POLICE.

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