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Scottie Scheffler’s attorney: NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE 👮‍♂️ they’re trying to coerce self-incrimination

PGA star Scottie Scheffler is arrested for driving around a traffic stop outside Valhalla Golf Course, May 17, 2024

Louisville’s embarrassing saga surrounding the arrest of world #1 golfer Scottie Scheffler has reached its conclusion. Attorney Steve Romines defended Scheffler from the outset, declaring that the county attorney had better dismiss the charges or that “we will go to trial. We are not interested in any settlement.”

Romines joined me on WHAS Radio one day after Scottie Scheffler’s legal case was dissolved by local prosecutors.

Cooler heads prevailed. There was no incriminating police video to verify a detective’s claim that he was dragged by Scheffler’s car. Scheffler was jailed, a mugshot was distributed worldwide, and Romines had the golfer back to the driving range well ahead of his tee time.

Over 5 million people viewed my tweet breaking the news that the charges would be dropped. The evidence just wasn’t there and the county attorney acknowledged that Scheffler’s version of the story had merit.

But Louisville looked foolish. A traffic jam from a pedestrian death 300 yards down the road created the traffic snarl an hour before Scheffler arrived. The original traffic control plan was obviously inadequate.

Other PGA marked vehicles were allowed to enter Valhalla but Det. Gillis singled out Scheffler’s car to halt on demand. Scheffler described the scene as “chaos” leading to a “big misunderstanding.”

All charges dismissed. International news coverage. Mockery from comedians.

Once again, LMPD is left with egg on its face.

On the second day of the 2024 PGA Championship, Scheffler advanced his marked vehicle around a stopped bus at the entrance to Valhalla Golf Club. It was 6 A.M. with misting rain in the predawn darkness. According to multiple witnesses, a man in a reflective vest pounded on Scheffler’s car demanding that he stop.

In spite of the prosecution team, the mayor, and the police chief claiming that there was no other body cam video of the scene, a second officer’s body cam recorded Scheffler being interrogated in the backseat of a cop car.

“No one is going to un-arrest you,” Romines said in a radio chat with me. “That’s why you don’t talk to the police.”

Scheffler said that the man struck him through his open window, so he advanced to get away from him but did not know that he was a police officer. Stopping 15 feet away, Scheffler asked for a police officer to come to the scene. The man screamed, “I am a cop, mother fucker!”

LMPD Detective Bryan Gillis

Detective Bryan Gillis had not identified himself as a police officer until that highly charged response to a confused Scheffler, who told his story to a different officer after he had been handcuffed. Scheffler feared that the stranger would hit him again.

Gillis claims he was dragged by Scheffler’s car but multiple witnesses say that Gillis tripped over his own feet. I asked Romines about Gillis’ inability to accept the account given by the other witnesses.

Romines artfully steered his client through choppy waters to the best possible outcome. And Scheffler’s people say there are no plans to sue. He doesn’t want to burden the taxpayers with the associated costs. Plus, he has immense respect for police officers.

Steve Romines, attorney

Romines adds that money doesn’t matter to the top golfer in the world. “He makes a million dollars every time he puts his tee into the ground.”

Both Detective Gillis and Scottie Scheffler wished each other well in their public statements after the case was closed for good.

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