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50 Shades of Variation

Our culture sends so many mixed messages about potential, achievement, and happiness. The above “Throw like a girl” campaign brilliantly shows how simple phrases can damage psyches of significant portions of the population. Earlier campaigns drove home awareness to purge “that’s so gay” or “that’s so retarded” for their obvious negative results.

Women can be the biggest supporters of other women or the harshest critics of same. There are lots of complaints about males objectifying women. Nonetheless, the dominant percentage of awards show audiences are females, many of whom use social media and entertainment shows to judge the outfits and hairstyles of celebrities.

Women are empowered to be sexual cads, too. BTW, she apologized after a tsunami of Internet shame came to full boil.

All that aside, sexism is ingrained deeply in some people. Even Hooters must obey laws against sexual harassment.

Some neanderthals are beyond repair. Watch this idiot talk to a female news reporter in Detroit.

Stereotyping of females impedes cultural growth for everyone. The Who Needs Feminism tumblr page has generated a million important conversations about societal roles and opportunities.

Many Super Bowl commercials dove into feminist-themed messages without any follow up on actual results in a still sexist society.

Women are strong and so are self-labeled girly girls. And they love ’em some Magic Mike, and Bridesmaids, and feminist studies.

When the film 50 Shades of Grey hits theaters, do not question why millions of women are enchanted by the story of a young woman who finds her sexual awakening from a man who seduces her into his domination and her submission.

Mixed message much?

Cher is right. This is a woman’s world because each woman is a complex web of varying nuances and bold certainties. Vive la difference.

Keep reading down this page for more celebration of the myriad mysteries and celebrations of gender.

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