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Beatniks, hippies, grungers, and snowflakes: teenagers make great progressive shock troops

March for our Lives, spring 2018

Through WWII, American citizens’ commitment to God and country was nearly universal. On December 8, 1941, the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor, military recruiting stations were swarming with able bodied young men ready to fight to defend America.

Imagine anything of the sort happening today. Crickets. Students are taught to think globally instead of domestically.

In spite of widespread sublimation of women around the world, plus torture, rape, and murder of women, children, and gay people in foreign nations, today’s American youth embrace global diversity.

In time they hope to change their minds just so long as they’re not accused of being racists meddling into tribal customs.

Shabaab in Somalia

For the past 70 years, American teenagers have mobilized at times to push back against their parents’ generation on any number of political and social issues.

The recent March for our Lives demonstrations to demand gun reform won’t change much. Law abiding citizens won’t give up their weapons in Louisville where mass shootings (Cole’s Place, Tim Faulkner Gallery), drive-bys, dead-guy-of-the-day news reports, assassinations of police officers, and road rage shootings hardly make news beyond a few days.

But God bless today’s kids for thinking, or rather feeling that they will redirect this violent culture driven by drug dealers and gang bangers vs. law enforcement. The rest of us are caught in the crossfire. But we’re not idiots. We are going to protect ourselves not from tyranny but from our crazy ass neighbors.

Some say that American youth upheaval since the 1950s has been driven mostly by narcissistic emotions. Prior generations pushed the culture forward with structurally sound conformity.

The truth is, they’re both right for their time periods. The larger question: Has logic left the arena of ideas that now stews in personal feelings?

Private gun ownership creates a chasm that divides American culture unlike any other.

That cartoon is hysterically funny, but it is important to note that 99.999999% of gun owners are not glib sociopaths. Effective comedy requires extreme exaggeration and this liberal cartoon nails it.

Author, professor, and journalism fellow Bruce Thornton examines it through a conservative lens.

Will law abiding citizens surrender their weapons while thugs and psychopaths roll on with their arsenals? Teenager, please.

The worst news for today’s snowflakes is that their ideology will sink them into deeper states of dependency. It happened to beatniks, hippies, hipsters, grungers, and all the other cool-for-the-moment people who aged out and had to stumble into menial jobs with very little room for advancement.

Just as happened in previous generations, the emotional, ranting malcontents missed the years of building a solid career path. Many of their more focused peers go off to study law, finance, medicine, engineering, and IT. These people will own their generation, the proverbial one-half-of-one-percent who will rule the nation.

But for now, that curse word filled sign looks cool alongside your multiple neck tattoos. Choices matter. You’ll see once the cloud of emotion settles into the stark reality of living in a world of achievement diversity.

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