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Block out a few minutes to listen

In my classic rock deejay days, radio stations celebrated weekends with “block parties,” sets of three connected songs.

Here’s today’s 3-pack. The connective thread is “dead.”

R.L. Burnside, quite thoroughly dead but his tune lives on as my theme music on The Terry Meiners Show on 840WHAS

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw opened a terrific show in Louisville with this George Michael (dead) and Aretha Franklin (dead sense of humor) duet from 1986.

Prince has been dead for a year and his greedy relatives are still fighting over who gets what. The NFL packaged a beautiful retelling of Prince’s eclectic 2007 Super Bowl performance.

Of course, the coolest deejays would throw in an extra song. Here’s my on-point offering – brand new from Willie Nelson.

Now it comes down to a horse race. Who goes first, Willie or Keith Richards?

Willie Nelson, Still Not Dead (2017)
Willie Nelson, Still Not Dead (2017)
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