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Even Casey Anthony could win a custody battle with Alex Jones

Conspiracy theorist and rabid radio/TV loudmouth Alex Jones is in a custody battle with his ex-wife.

He has no shot.

Even Jones’ lawyer laughably stated that his client is a “performance artist” who doesn’t sincerely believe his public claims that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were “an inside job” and that the Sandy Hook school massacre was “staged” as a means to control private ownership of guns.

That must be a real setback to Jones’ legions of lemmings. He boasts 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

Alex Jones…meet Tuck Buckford.

transcription from the New York Times:

“Welcome back to ‘Brain Fight.’ Listen, people, the liberals want to tattoo Obama logos onto the skin of Christian babies, O.K.? And it makes me want to fight! Fight with my fists! My blood is on fire! My heart is a volcano. It’s time to throw a virgin in there! I’m a skeleton wrapped in angry meat! I’m a warrior! I’m a king! One thing I’m not is a performance artist, because I hate artists, because Andy Warhol put chemicals in Campbell’s soup that turns veterans into bisexual zombies! Now a word from our sponsor, self-lubricating catheters. Buy my vitamins!” — STEPHEN COLBERT, as Tuck Buckford

Here’s Alex Jones driving while ranting on mainstream media a few days after the inauguration of Donald Trump in January.

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