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Everything’s FREE? Math is hard but basic arithmetic is easy.

Remember the Little Red Hen? She needed her barnyard animal friends to help her create a loaf of bread. They declined to help but were certainly anxious to eat the bread. That’s a problem.

It appears that Governor “Andy Boy” Beshear is offering free everything to Kentuckians without asking for sweat equity in return. Several members of his new administration will be allowed to pay themselves higher pensions, too.

Double dipping Kentucky state pensions are back (for some) in spite of $26 billion in unfunded pension liabilities.

Free Medicaid without contribution from able bodied people is back. Not sick or impaired people, able bodied people are free to take from public coffers without questions asked. Fantastic news for those not interested in the “pursuit” of happiness. Work requirements are called “barriers to care” by Democrats.

An unwillingness to work is apparently not considered a “barrier to self reliance.”

Lexington Herald Leader

Free health insurance is coming to all of America, says presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren. IT’S FREE!

Math is hard but basic arithmetic is easy. Finite dollars cannot produce infinite entitlements.

Public employee pension funding mechanics are still spiraling out of control, now underfunded by about $26 billion. Teachers, police officers, firefighters, and all public employees are entitled to their full pensions. Raise taxes or create another funding element to get it done.

As for Rocky Adkins and others receiving two or even three pensions from various phases of government employment, it’s not fair to others in the public sector. Why should two people who have both worked 30 years in government be paid extraordinarily differing pension sums? One finagled a triple payment by sliding between departments to create a separate work record in each and eventually take away multiple pensions. Ridiculous.

As for the notion that everything is free, that’s not much different than thievery. One person is a maker and the other person is a taker. Upturned hands from able bodied people who are “unwilling to work” (see: Green New Deal) only drags the entire culture downward.

The Great Depression followed the 1929 stock market crash

Of course society needs to take care of people with mental, emotional, and physical challenges. The are wards of the state.

Offering a permanent couch pass to able bodied people unencumbered with mental challenges creates a family tradition of perpetual failure. When no one in a household feels the need to work in a period of massive economic expansion, the entire family system falls further behind.

Children mimic what their guardians exhibit. If Mom starts her day smoking pot, her boyfriend gambles on his ill-gotten cell phone all day, and some stranger just hangs out all day to play cards and drink, what is the likelihood of any child finding success?

NEW YORK USA – JULY 13: People hurry downtown Manhattan to their offices in early morning on July 132010 in New York USA.

Free education should teach students to ignore their own guardians and observe what life offers people who work, pay taxes, and respect community standards. Instead, government often coddles the “unwilling to work” crowd.

Unemployment in America is as low as it has ever been. Everyone is hiring. Education is free for poor families. Trade school training is also available at no cost to anyone below the determined poverty level. Pell Grants, foundation scholarships, and thousands more assistance programs await applications from those needing a boost. Fortitude is free.

“Who will apply for a job today to improve their own lot in life?”

“Not I,” said millions of healthy but unmotivated entitlement recipients.

Help pull the sled, people. We are all in this together.

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