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Gov. Matt Bevin on drone surveillance of his home, media obsession, the Beshear feud, more

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin stopped by my radio studio today to chat on a multitude of topics. He has teased me before about controlling the topics but declined my offer for him to self-direct his interview. We talked about WDRB News’ drone surveillance of his home, the ongoing feud with former Governor Steve Beshear and his son Andy Beshear, the pension crisis, and the legislative plan for the next 12 months. Great chat.

Click to listen:

Ky Governor Matt Bevin with me in the WHAS Radio studio, August 17, 2016

WDRB president and general manager Bill Lamb forcefully responded to Gov. Bevin’s contentions that the TV station likely violated privacy and airspace limitations by flying a drone over the governor’s home.

WDRB 41 Louisville News

Later in the evening in a text to me, Governor Bevin disputed WDRB claims of innocence, saying that some of his children definitely saw the drone so it stands to reason that the drone recorded their outdoor activities.

Today Bill Lamb and WDRB News director Barry Fulmer confirmed that they were contacted by the FAA after a complaint was lodged. The FAA Louisville rep has now heard both sides of the story and indicated to WDRB that no further action is necessary in this case.

Fulmer told me that he flew the drone 300 feet above the home for 5-7 minutes, does not use a zoom lens, and the captured video showed no children. Lamb said it was “completely legal and acceptable news gathering” on a topic of public interest.

A Kentucky State Trooper approached Fulmer to inquire about his actions but did not attempt to stop him from flying the drone.

In the text to me, Governor Bevin claims that WDRB edited its tape to avoid confirming that they taped his children outside. He claims that the raw footage would affirm his point but WDRB says he is incorrect.

Governor Bevin will likely win the air supremacy battle by having the Kentucky State Police apply for a TFR (temporary flight restriction) zone which will forbid all air traffic from flying above his home. Issues of safety and security for the state’s top executive will warrant the issuance.


The Courier Journal used the wrong station’s name while accusing Bevin of disseminating falsehoods.

The CJ accuses someone of spreading falsehoods with a false headline. It was actually WAVE that was scolded by Bevin.


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