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His life matters and so does his life

cops his life matters

Now that we’ve had a few days to exhale from the massacre of Dallas police officers by Micah Xavier Johnson (below) who said that he “wanted to kill white people…especially cops,” let’s bring in a mix of voices.

WAPO: White America’s worst nightmare – black men who sow disillusionment

NY Times: data shows no bias in police shootings but more physical contact with African Americans

NOLA: Baton Rouge police have a history of brutality toward blacks

DO THE NUMBERS: Fewer black people are shot by police than white or Hispanic people; and the percentage of crimes by various races illustrates how police are more often patrolling African American neighborhoods

micah johnson

DATA: The color of crime is another issue that must be part of the overall conversation.

Since white people like me are dissuaded from commenting on matters related to race, I once again defer to Chris Rock for guidance on this important issue.

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