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It’s not hunting season but Governor Matt Bevin came loaded for bear

Governor Matt Bevin and Terry Meiners, WHAS studios, August 26, 2019

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin texted me moments before a planned phone interview today to suggest that he drop by the studio in person. Perfect. A face-to-face interview nearly always produces more in-depth analysis of current events.

We opened with inside baseball chatter about Air Force One and President Trump’s attention to details. We closed with topics like religion, patriotism, and child rearing. It was those 22 minutes in the middle that were 🔥🔥🔥😳

Governor Bevin dismantled his opponent Andy Beshear as a vindictive but incompetent litigant, and eviscerated the opponents of the entire Republican slate. Bevin brought up Greg Stumbo’s failure to pay child support, Beshear’s law firm soaking up big pharma lawsuit proceeds, former AG Jack Conway going to work for another law firm that collected $4 million from the pharma payout, and spotlighting the legal experience of the Republican candidate for secretary of state versus novice Heather French Henry.

Terry Meiners and Heather French Henry, WHAS studios (2016)

Bevin also revisited illegal activities pinned on Heather’s spouse, former Lt. Governor Steve Henry. Much of the dustup centered on medical billings for services dated at times when Henry was out of town.

Dr. Steve Henry

Dr. Henry was second-in-command to former Governor Paul Patton, the first Kentucky governor to “sweep” monies from their intended pension accounts into other pressing state needs. These “sweeps” created the snowballing pension crisis that casts a pall over all state employees and retirees.

Mike Pence, Steve Beshear, Matt Bevin, John Yarmuth, and Greg Fischer at the ribbon cutting for the Lincoln Bridge, December 6, 2015

The Kentucky governor offered verbal bouquets for teachers in spite of Democrats’ claims that his policies crush their profession. Bevin also lauded the potential for a fast-tracked slate of accomplishments if Daniel Cameron wins the attorney general race over longtime Democrat operative Greg Stumbo.

Bernie Sanders in Louisville, August 25, 2019 (Lexington Herald Leader)

As for presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders, Governor Bevin mocked the Democrat and his climate change warriors as phonies who fly on private jets to be chaffered in gas guzzling SUVs only to demand others not imitate their planet-crushing behavior.

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