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It’s universally called The Ville, not The Vul

From: PaulZim
Sent: Monday, October 05, 2015 3:57 PM
Subject: Louisville idiom [Sent to Clear Channel]

Hi Terry,
I enjoy listening to your show every day but, as a fifth-generation Louisvillian, I wince when I hear Bobby Ellis talk about a traffic problem on the city’s “west side”. I wonder whether someone could give him some Louisville lessons and tell him that it’s West End here. Same goes for the reporters who talk about the SeelBOCK hotel. Anyway, I enjoy you. Keep up the good work!
Paul Zimmerman

Sent: Monday, October 05, 2015 6:22 PM
To: ‘PaulZim’
Subject: RE: Louisville idiom [Sent to Clear Channel]

Bobby doesn’t listen to a thing I say. He won the lottery and reports from his own personal helicopter where he laughs at people stuck in traffic.

I wince when I hear professional broadcasters say LOO-uh-vul. It’s disingenuous. They’re hired for elocution skills and certainly don’t apply a phony Southern accent when they pronounce Shively, Highview, PART-lun, or dumb it down with a “Moun WARSH-in-nun” to appease locals. What professional broadcaster goes on the air in other cities and mimics the locals by saying Nawlins, New Yawk, Derm, Noffuk, or Bawstin? Answer? No one (except homespun characters just clowning).

LOO-uh-vul is like Mi-ZOOR-uh. It works when it aligns with the rest of one’s spoken dialect.
If I said LOO-uh-vul then I would need to identify myself as Turree Mah-nurz frum da aff-dur-noon PRO-grum on Dubya H Ay-yess, y’all.

That would be a stretch, but I do like to say “tumped over” and “DOOM-en-eel” Street.

Terry Meiners
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