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Kentucky Kim has gone prime time

History has taught (some of) us that mixing religion and state does not work. “The sooner Kentuckians learn that lesson, the better.” – columnist Tom Eblen in the Lexington Herald Leader

As resistance to gay marriage roils Kentuckians, here is more historical wisdom from Courier-Journal columnist Joe Gerth and political perspective from Al Cross

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For once, the spotlight isn’t on a Kim named Kardashian. Err…Kentucky offers the world Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to LGBT in spite of the Supreme Court ruling allowing for gay marriage.

Now she’s in jail. Kim doesn’t understand American history as Thomas Jefferson wrote of the wall of separation of church and state.

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Now that licenses are being offered in Rowan County while she sits in jail, her lawyers contend the gay marriage licenses are void. “They’re not worth the paper they’re written on,” says Davis’ lawyer Mat Staver, equating her to a Jew living in Nazi Germany.

For all the radio chatter and your new status as a martyr, Kim, I’M YOUR #1 FAN!

Is there an end in sight? God no!

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Religion serves people in different ways. Selective bias (see: conscience creep) is not tolerated when it comes to offering government services. For all of the active marriage licenses issued in Rowan County, was proper spiritual vetting pressed upon each applicant?

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What if a judge in any of her three divorce cases refused to grant a divorce based on his/her religious beliefs?

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