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Maniac behind the wheel; wanted death by police

The WHAS-11 helicopter followed Travis Mettling through the streets of Louisville as he ran from police. He was originally stopped on a routine traffic issue in Jeffersontown. Mettling decided to make a run for it and led police on a 58 minute chase that ended on Dixie Highway.

Mettling was in contact with police negotiators via cell phone during the chase.

Police rammed his vehicle and removed Mettling and three adult passengers. Jeffersontown police chief Rick Sanders said the suspect wanted to die in a police shootout.

Mettling was taken into custody with minor injuries. The passengers were not arrested.

Outstanding camera work by the WHAS-11 team. It is a miracle that this maniacal driver did not hurt or kill anyone. Kudos to Jeffersontown and Louisville Metro Police for using restraint in bringing this drama to an end.

Mettling’s prior police record is lengthy.

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