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Matt Jones notes his 8 year ride started in my WHAS studio

I appreciate the kindness and integrity of Matt Jones, founder of Kentucky Sports Radio.

The first time I heard him on the air, I thought to myself, “There’s my replacement.”

Matt took a group of smart, funny writers with shrewd youthful observations and launched a compelling, constantly updated University of Kentucky athletics fan site. Kentucky Sports Radio is a daily beacon of all things Big Blue Nation.

The statewide radio show is hilariously provocative and informative. There’s a terrific podcast. Matt’s Lexington television show HEY KENTUCKY gets strong reviews.

I’m happy for Matt, Ryan Lemond, Shannon the Dude, Drew Franklin, Mrs. Tyler Thompson, Turkey Hunter, and the entire crew. They’ve made Kentucky media sit up and notice, and they have improved the marketability of basic terrestrial radio and television broadcasting. That’s a boon to all of us.

Some fans don’t understand the challenge of hosting and creating daily media offerings that stand out in a sea of less sharpened wit. Matt out hustles almost everyone in the media business. Result? Some media people are jealous.

Never forget that jealousy is nothing more than cloaked admiration.

At his core, Matt is a good soul, passionate about life and the people in it. He’s a UK fan with a giant media platform that relates directly with everyday Kentucky Wildcats fans.

He’s Fred Astaire and the fans are Ginger Rogers. Seinfeld & Kramer. A Kardashian and any random professional athlete.

They’re partners and they need each other to feel whole. It’s great for Kentucky, great for broadcasting, and great for growth.

Congrats, Matt. In spite of your kind words on Instagram, you really were going to do it on your own whether or not you and I crossed paths.

Talent thrives on its on momentum. Looking forward to seeing the next chapters in your life.

Tony Vanetti, Terry Meiners, Matt Jones (November 2015)

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