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The Log Cabin Republicans love me

From: Waits, Maurice []
Sent: Monday, March 04, 2013 10:44 AM
Subject: President Obama

Good Morning Mr. Meiners:

You know that President Obama is lying thru his teeth when he says that the budget cuts are really going to hurt. There does not have to be any budget cuts at all. They are just using a scare tactic. and you know it. You know that there is a law that says all departments get anywhere from a 4 to 10 percent raise in their budget, each year, no matter what happens with congress, and the fact is there is a continuing budget increases every year because congress has not passed a budget since President Obama has been in office, helps out a lot, donโ€™t you think.? The United States is going to spend $15 Billion Dollars more this year than last no matter what congress does and that is a fact.

Are you as big a socialist as President Obama that you let him, Yarmouth and the rest of the Democratic Party get away with their lies? You know that all the cuts that are being made are not necessary, but you and the rest of your liberal comrades at WHAS, want to get rid of all conservative opposition so bad, that you would rather see the United States in as big a mess as half the countries in Europe, which have socialist governments.

Do you really think that when the United State goes bankrupt, like several countries in Europe, that there will be someone comes along, and say we will bail you out? I really donโ€™t think so, do you?

You and the rest of the news media are all on the Democratic bandwagon watching The United States go over the cliff, and all they can complain about is how bad the White House is treating them.

He has completed what he wants and he does not need you and the rest of the media now.

Hope you and your family enjoy the ride, because sooner or later your children and mine will have to pay for this. You may have it great now but they will not.

Maurice Waits
8000 Cavewood John Court
Louisville, Ky. 40291


Sent: Monday, March 04, 2013 1:36 PM
To: ‘Waits, Maurice’
Subject: RE: President Obama

You’re right. All of my Liberal comrades here at WHAS were worried that a shrewd listener like you would figure out our dastardly scheme to foist socialism on a naive public. Dang it…we were THIS CLOSE to succeeding but you caught us, Maurice.

Please send me to a Conservative reeducation camp so that I can be worthy of your respect. The costs are probably not covered by insurance (that’s socialism!) so I will sell a kidney to get the money.

Thanks for outing me. I have been (secretly) praying for this day.

Terry Meiners
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