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The Pols Are Open

Greg Fischer, John Yarmuth, and Matt Bevin were on my radio show back-to-back-to-back today. The mayor and congressmen, both Democrats, discussed a variety of issues. The Republican governor had a significantly different strategy to solve societal problems.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Kentucky Governors Steve Besmear and Matt Bevin, Rep. John Yarmuth, and Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer at the dedication of the Lincoln Bridge dedication, December 2015

AUDIO: Governor Matt Bevin on attacking the pension shortfall, bourbon tariffs, the Mike Pence visit, universal health care, handling haters on Twitter, and imitating Rambo at the Kentucky Speedway.

Now here is Rep. John Yarmuth on the Donald Trump Jr email chain with a Russian lawyer, Obamacare, media pursuit of Russia election interference, and renewed Democrat interest in universal health care.

Finally, here’s Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer on his six point plan to reduce violence.

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