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Top Golf at Oxmoor – I Sears what you did there

That’s an artist rendering of what could fill the space where a vacated Sears store now stands at the rear of Oxmoor Center mall.

Not everyone is thrilled to have 500 new jobs, a new dimension in Louisville’s entertainment offerings, and a lucrative way to fill an abandoned business.

Here’s a note from a neighbor in Hurstbourne. He fears lights, noise, vomit, and urine if Top Golf is allowed to be built at Oxmoor.

I believe Mr. Norton’s fears are unwarranted. He lives in a home near a mall. Now that mall has a giant vacancy and Top Golf would only restore what once thrived there before.


More now from Mr. Norton.

Mr and Mrs Norton have declared that these studies are bogus. OK. Where is your engineering study to prove you are accurate?

Louisville is not an experimental market for the Top Golf entertainment group. There are currently 43 thriving locations across America.

Do we embrace success or chase it away…again?

Here is the artist rendering of the proposal. See how far away the closest residences would be. BONUS: Note that three additional restaurants would be built adjacent to Top Golf.

Google maps shows the current situation. The abandoned Sears building is at the bottom of the screenshot.

Here’s a wider view to show the distance to the neighborhoods. The infrastructure is already in place to handle visiting traffic. No one needs to use the neighborhood. The quickest way back home is via Shelbyville Road to access nearby interstate highways.

Are we going to let another guaranteed winner fly right past Louisville and into a more welcoming community?

Top Golf brings 500 jobs, new entertainment options, and an expanded local tax base.

Tee it up, Louisville. We are staring at a golden opportunity to fill a vast vacancy and improve the city’s attractiveness to young professionals.

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