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What a proud legacy – bias, vulgarians, and the splintered media climate

Women’s March 2018

Stay classy, snowflake.

It’s time for President Donald Trump’s 2018 State of the Union address. TV pundits eagerly promote that they “will be providing analysis” after the speech. Haha. They mean “analysis” that they’ve already written in advance. Fox will kiss ass. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, all awards shows, late night comics, social media, Hollywood, sad newspaper dinosaurs, and vile snowflakes will kick his ass.

Now you you don’t have to watch! Colbert leads the daily Trump hate parade.

Remember the overriding rule in today’s grievance culture. Whine, whine, whine. Somebody will eventually give you some attention.

American media teaches us the basic rule: If it’s a conservative, it is evil. If it is liberal, it is to be embraced. If it is a “cause” where 3 people claim to be marginalized/mistreated/invisible, RUN WITH YOUR CAMERAS! IT’S A CRISIS! #crisis #mediamanipulation #fillingairtime

Media loves swimming in virtue posing. “We’re with you, girl! Your cause to save the anteaters from eating red ants is now OUR CAUSE!” #wearegoodpeople #andyouarenot

Hey look! It’s the Obamas! They’re great! If you don’t agree, you are a racist. Don’t be a racist! Tell everyone that Obama was the best president ever! And Bill Clinton was second best! And Joe Biden will be third best after he wins in 2020.

Michelle and Barack Obama. Aren’t they great? Everybody loves them…the best first family EVER!

Shhh. Quiet everybody! Will Ferrell is on Saturday Night Live and I’ll bet he’s going to have to admit that George W. Bush is NOT an idiot. Just you wait and see!

Will Ferrell studied sports communication at the University of Southern California. George W. Bush has degrees from Yale and Harvard.

As for that woman at the top of this post, she is 100% correct.

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