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Leader Mitch McConnell blasts rival Florida Senator Scott on WHAS Radio 👁️

Terry Meiners and Senator Mitch McConnell, January 17, 2023

When Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell joins me on WHAS Radio, people tend to notice. Millions of online impressions followed McConnell’s 9 minute phone chat two days after President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech.

Washington Post, February 15, 2023

After discussing the Chinese spy balloon incursion, we jumped into U.S. involvement in the Ukraine/Russia war.

And then…the real war started.

McConnell blasted Florida Senator Rick Scott on WHAS after I asked him about Biden’s claim inference that Scott’s plan could halt social security and medicare in the coming years.

McConnell quickly distance his party from Scott’s vision. I asked him to explain the unified Republican message on social security and medicare and McConnell said that he and Speaker Kevin McCarthy were “authoritative” voices on Republican matters.

I asked “So Rick Scott’s really not back in the fold yet after he ran against you for leadership?”

“Well this doesn’t have anything to do with that,” McConnell blurted back. “(Scott’s plan) is just a bad idea. I think it will be a challenge for him to deal with this in his own reelection in Florida, a state with more elderly people than any other state in America.”


The national media jumped on it immediately. Rick Scott’s people fired back but the McConnell broadside has carried the news cycle for the past few days.

Associated Press writer

Washington Post column by Aaron Blake

Senator Rick Scott’s chief of staff tried to play it off.

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