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James Carville is not a successful prognosticator of presidents — SUPER TUESDAY slamfest! Bloomberg OUT! Warren wavering.

SUPER TUESDAY was a wild one! Biden came back to life, Bernie got smacked for the first time. Bloomberg and Warren tanked. Now Bloomberg is out but supporting Biden. But Warren won’t yet clarify what she’ll do next.

All that is on the way but first…fast-talking James Carville gets the floor!

Former presidential candidate and full-time hippie chick Marianne Williamson ain’t having it.

MSNBC can’t get enough of Louisiana pundit James Carville, an advisor to former President Bill Clinton. Host Brian Williams tells Carville that his studio panel goes silent so as not to miss any of Carville’s wisdom.

Uh, OK.

Before you click his current comments below, watch the video above to hear his thoughts from June 2016. Carville was absolutely certain that Hillary Clinton was a few months from ascending to the Oval Office and that Donald Trump would not even be the Republican nominee.

Just two months ago, Carville fully endorsed Sen. Michael Bennett as the Democrats’ best hope to challenge Donald Trump this November.

Wait…who is Michael Bennett?


Here is James Carville on Super Tuesday, March 3, 2020 after Joe Biden had a big night. Carville tries to shut down the highly successful Bernie Sanders movement which is neck-and-neck with Biden. “Democrats starting to ask Sanders…look, let’s don’t drag this thing out any more than we have to.”

Carville says Sanders “showed nothing” in attracting African Americans and educated white women. “If we’re gonna beat Donald Trump we can’t be lollygagging around.”

The Bernie Bros. aren’t going to take a shine to any bit of this.

President Donald Trump enjoyed watching the chasm widen among Democrats, and especially savored the minuscule support offered to billionaire Michael Bloomberg. The two men exchange insults on a regular basis.

Adam Schiff tried and failed to remove Trump from office and refers to Republican voters as “an older and literally dying demographic.” Schiff says Dems should register every breathing creature so that Trump can be removed and highly moral folks like himself will reflect on one-term Trump as a “terrific gauntlet that we’ve had to go through.”

Of course when Mitch McConnell said that his top priority was to make Barack Obama a one-term president the Democrats lost their minds. A compliant media culture kept selling McConnell’s comment as overt racism and dereliction of his duties as an elected official.

Every opposition party tries to make the current occupant of the White House a one term president. Duh.

Trump is reveling in the 2020 upheaval for Democrats – a tug of war between the Bernie revolution vs Biden’s evolution loyalists. But a certain beer drinking female senator (she/her, not they/they’s) won’t defer to the old white guys!

The Bernie people are all in for #BernieOrBust and are unwilling to accept boomer insistence on mainstream politics. They need Elizabeth Warren to go away. But even after getting thumped in her home state of Massachusetts, Senator Warren is not going away soon.

The revolution people aren’t just going to fade away. So pop your popcorn and watch. This is going to be a heckuva show!

My wife is my sister! Nice way to start the celebration, Sleepy Joe!

Joe Biden’s got some of those dusty old embarrassing tapes just like Trump. Enjoy your choice, America! That is, if the Bernie Bros don’t burn it all down first.

Here are Mike Bloomberg’s departure note, Donald Trump’s reply, and Mike Bloomberg’s reply to Trump. THey’re like a couple of middle school rivals.

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