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Shooters, looters, rioters, and arsonists have used Louisville as an amusement park.

Legitimate protests have continued for months in Louisville and around the world. Conscientious people have been calling attention to police killings of citizens, many of whom are African Americans.

Good for the protesters for keeping alive the names of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and so many other victims of police misconduct or miscalculation. The Black Lives Matter movement is the most important cultural voice in 2020.

99% of the violence in America has nothing to do with police.

Nonetheless, police brutality needs to be rooted out by the intense attention it is drawing in 2020.

Just as a pickpocket needs a crowd to create diversion, nefarious shooters, looters, rioters, arsonists, and physical abusers have used the cover of noble BLM protests to mask their criminal activity.

Police want to protect the entire community, including the peaceful protesters. But they are limited in how they can respond to felonious agitators who want to take things into violent territories.

Louisville officials have essentially shrugged at the criminals and accepted their behavior as an unfortunate addition to peaceful protests.

LMPD has arrested around 500 people for various crimes but almost none of the perpetrators are encumbered because of free bail and legal representation provided by sympathetic people. Many of the arrestees are protesters refusing to move, but many others are people who have committed violent crimes in the midst of protests.

In 1968, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley did not mince words on the proper way to handle the criminals using protest crowds for cover.

This weekend, another group that purports to have the firepower to overcome local law enforcement is scheduled to set up a “formation” in Louisville. This will be yet another line to gauge how serious local leaders are about providing security and keeping the peace.

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