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When media companies cut costs, senior editors are the first to go

Louisville activist Shameka Parrish Wright, candidate for mayor

Is it racist imaging or shoddy graphics work? It’s likely the latter but the entire media market suffers from even a scant trace of the former.

Our media business is filled with underpaid young “journalists” who lack depth of perspective. Nonetheless, this unbalanced imagery is preposterously ignorant.

Where is management oversight? Wow.

Media companies have cut payrolls so severely over the past decade that news employees huff and puff to put out usually meager, often unchecked product.

It’s a sad truth for a withering business where objectivity has given way to agenda driven activist “journalism” from a billion splintered voices.

One uninformed or overmatched web contributor collected those imbalanced photos for WDRB’s website without a hint of the implicit bias on display.

Let’s show the candidates in their full context. Here’s Louisville mayoral candidate Shameka Parrish Wright’s most recent event.

This is Louisville mayoral candidate Rev. Tim Findley in his regular work clothes. Can I get an AMEN!

WDRB did make changes to the original posts once Rev. Findley Jr. highlighted it.

This All Sides chart was presented by the League of Women Voters, a left leaning organization that claims to be neutral. That explains how they mislabeled the obviously Liberal NPR News in the centrist category. Laughable.

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