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OK, Moochers. DJ WOKE WOKE droppin’ original social justice warrior tunes

Ooh…the profundities from today’s WOKE artists and their cancel culture customers. Sad!

Tyler the Creator…he mad bruh.

Just a few months ago, Canadian rapper Drake was a heartthrob/cultural messenger for teenyboppers worldwide. Now they’re booing him off the stage. His host Tyler the Creator is like What the what? I thought social justice warriors were all about unconditional love!

Is Drake being dragged for paying a settlement to a woman who claims he assaulted her? Or maybe it’s a delayed reaction to that 2010 video of Drake kissing a 17-year-old onstage.

Why the slow walk? Are we witnessing evolving mores or did Drake just walk into an unexpected purity trap?

Scumbaggery thrives among the WOKE. The WOKEYS are too emotionally immature to recognize it. Only the passage of time will enlighten the WOKE generation to appreciate history and their very short link in the chain of humanity.

Oh Lizzo. You so woke. Imma hit you back later in this post.

Today’s cute kids (OK BOOMER!) are a trifle thin-skinned when anyone points out that their SJW work is not a fresh (or sincere) concept. They’re certain that they originated the mission of correcting injustice. They’ll let you know on Twitter with lots of filthy language and menacing imposition BECAUSE THAT’S HOW WOKE WE IS BRUH!

When they say “OK boomer.” You reply “OK moocher.”

Too thick-headed to understand that older people have already experienced and learned from life’s challenges? Wisdom comes from age and failures-turned-victories.

But moochers are narcissists, dependent on LIKES and affirmations that they’re 🔥. They have no idea what the previous paragraph even means.

OK moochers…you’re dismissive of boomers through tweets and Gram posts you compose on the $800 iPhone that mommy bought for you. You’re still on her Verizon family plan because you can’t pay for your own service contract, but yeah, tell us again how we’ve failed you. Oh, and turn off the basement light when you walk upstairs for your free dinner. SOMEONE has to pay the utility bill.

Crack open a history book and learn ya some truth, WOKEYS.

You’re not original. You’re not brave. You’re moochers who used mommy’s (or the bank’s) money to stay in college for 9 years to earn a Masters in feelings. There’s good money in that!

“MAKE ME WANNA HOLLER…THE WAY THEY DO MY LIFE” – Marvin Gaye, the wokiest woke artist ever.

Let’s not forget the recent pushback from former President Barack Obama. He had the audacity to hope that SJW would slow their roll on keyboard judgment. OK Obama. “That’s not activism…if all you’re doing is casting stones.”

Today’s much ballyhooed cancel culture is blind to (1) due process, and (2) simple acknowledgment that you didn’t invent societal correction. Research much? Nope. Think cancel culture is only about the #MeToo movement? Nope.

The cancel culture is the internet mob of self-proclaimed righteous people damning someone else TO MAKE THEMSELVES LOOK COMPASSIONATE. It’s not really about the issue, it’s how the person casting the stone looks righteous to her peers.

Remember how celebrities and media tried to annihilate the Covington Catholic students before additional video discredited their narrative?

How about the Oberlin College kids ruining a local doughnut shop’s business after a thief claimed the owner was racist. Fuller investigation led to the thief pleading guilty but he’d already played the race card to divert attention from his crime. The Black Lives Matter mob destroyed the business’ reputation with the aid and encouragement of Oberlin officials. A jury agreed that the business had been defamed by a poorly informed SJW pack, ordering the school to pay $33 million to the owners.

Comedian Sarah Silverman, a “marginalized” Jewish comedian, was relentlessly trashed over a blackface parody that effectively mocked racists. But that didn’t matter to the WOKE left. Silverman says internet mobs are simply creating “righteousness porn.”

Siding with emotion over facts can destroy a society. Study history. Understand that there is nothing new under the sun. Shut up and learn from those who’ve already walked the life path that’s still ahead of you.

In spite of Greta Thunberg’s affected hysteria, climate change will not make the earth uninhabitable in 10, 50, or 2,000 years. It’s just more hype to sell a brand of mostly disingenuous righteousness.

The answer to the meme question is, of course, that Greta SEEKS fawning worldwide media attention. Nick Sandman was a private citizen enjoying a school trip to Washington. Get over yourselves, moochers. Your game is old school. Already been done. The world was WOKE long before you were born.

Americans in the 1950s and 60s launched corrective measures that cleared the path for civil rights advancement, climate “ecology” movement, LGBTQ, transgender issues, financial parity, and so much more.

Oprah is a billionaire who is just “OK, boomer” to millennials, the same people who will death stomp anyone who calls Lizzo fat. “She’s curvy” they’ll say about Lizzo when we all understand that obesity is America’s top killer. But let’s not get too real. Feelings matter more than facts, OK moochers?

Oprah is, in millennial minds, an impediment to their WOKE world. They say she’s a billionaire who disrespects the planet by flying in private jets. She lives in any number of mansions. WOKE dopes think she doesn’t keep her primary focus on Black Lives Matter as opposed to assisting people from all walks of life.

Oprah should be the QUEEN of WOKE. Oprah was a small town TV talent just like tens of thousands of other journalists. But Oprah had a plan, an assist from her minority status, and the vision to take control of her own product. She perfected the art of personal ownership of media arts, a battle first conquered by Cuban immigrant Desi Arnaz in the 1950s.

Arnaz and his wife Lucille Ball (she kept her OWN name in the 50s!) created their show and then sold it back to the networks instead of the networks owning the show and paying them a salary. All future rerun residuals were controlled by Lucy & Desi.

Oprah took that seed with her own show and improved it to control distribution and complete control of all associated intellectual property.

They beat THE MAN. Sadly, history deficient WOKE nitwits don’t know Lucille Ball…but they know Lonzo Ball. This is what lack of intellectual curiosity hath wrought.

In 1956, Nat King Cole was the first African American with a self-titled network show. It faced challenges retaining advertisers because of racism but it opened the gates. The Mod Squad, Mannix, Star Trek, and dozens of other shows introduced strong African American characters to their storylines.

Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons, Good Times, Laugh-In, SNL, Second City, and In Living Color all explored outrageously funny racial situations. Eventually, The Cosby Show dominated American television nearly forty years ago illustrating a very successful family that just HAPPENED to be black.

The Cosby Show ratings were through the roof. Color was no factor, it was a well written show about people advancing in life by handling their problems with integrity. No constant whining or constant focus on “yeah, but what about…” naysayer complaints. Positivity is a guiding light.

The other networks had competing shows but The Cosby Show crushed all challengers. America had finally grown up to value everyone’s contributions shown in a positive light.

“But what about financial disparity?” cry the WOKE people. Affirmative Action, Pell Grants, United Negro College Fund, and thousands of other assistance programs long ago boosted any minority person with determination to go to college for free. There are no excuses. A person either has the drive or settles for a lesser lot in life.

Here in Louisville, public schools must allow a more severe level of infractions in order to suspend a black student compared to any other race.

Many sectors of minority students, particularly black males, lag behind in reading and science achievement. Assistance programs for toddlers have been in place for decades. America has been WOKE to education challenges and poured trillions of dollars into corrective Great Society programs going back more than 50 years.

We old school WOKE.

Today’s causes are just reruns built upon the toil of the maligned boomers. Rock & Roll tore down societal norms. Elton John, David Bowie, Billie Jean King, Renee Richards, carried the LGBTQ flag. Marvin Gaye sang of Inner City Blues Make Me Wanna Holler, and Mercy, Mercy Me, The Ecology in 1970. Stevie Wonder’s Living For The City tore open the issues of judicial inequities. A million more songs, TV shows, movies, and news reports followed with a Black Lives Matter theme, just not under that modern movement name.

Countless women singers and performers pushed feminism forward since the Civil War. Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Carrie Nation, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Germaine Greer, Cher, Big Mama Thornton, Oprah, Mae West, Katherine Hepburn, Helen Reddy, Janis Joplin, Mary Tyler Moore, and Mama Cass all pushed the envelope way past its boundaries.

Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and hundreds of women contemporaries sang of female challenges and triumphs in a much more profound way than today’s ridiculously base musings from Queen Bae Beyonce.

“When he fucks me good I take his ass to Red Lobster. If he hit it right maybe I take him for a flight on my chopper” chants Beyonce. Because crass materialism trumps societal evolution of the 60s? Beyonce, please.

Please stop pretending that millennials invented the WOKEY WOKE JOKE. Congratulate and celebrate all generations of society on its evolution and work as a teammate to keep life progressing for all.

Here is DJ WOKE WOKE’s TOP TEN social justice tunes sweeping back through 50 years. It’s a boomer buffet of benevolent brotherhood!

Is our societal cleanup over? Never. There will always be predators and troublemakers and we, all of us, are focused on ferreting them out. Due process must be the driving force, not triggered emotional outrage without proof.

Whenever you, dear reader, get around to actually researching some of the people and points raised in this post, examine the Salem Witch Trials and discover how rushing to judgment gets people killed.

One last piece. Former CBS news anchor Charlie Rose is unemployed because he was secretly preying on the young women who researched, produced, and prepped his show. He was rightfully dismissed after much credible evidence was brought forth.

In this interview, Rose chats with the remaining members of Led Zeppelin, an iconic band whose performers used to brag about sleeping with young girls. The Zep boys, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, Steven Tyler, and tons of other crusty old men were never held accountable for their predatory behavior because, well, society still gives them a pass.

Drake has been dragged. Why not Mick? Curious, no?


…and climate change.

Nothing new under the sun, kids. Crack open a history book. Listen. Stop talking. Learn. Use your strengthened knowledge to make learned suggestions. Wait until invited to speak. Respect.

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