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Four More Years In The Black

Don’t kid yourself about Fox News wanting Mitt Romney to win. They NEED Barack Obama as a daily foil. So does Rush, Beck, Hannity, et al. Pres. Obama is the perfect winning business model for conservative media. Breathless partisans are either thrilled or appalled with what they see or hear. But it draws customers so it works.

Conversely, left leaning voices (print, online punditry, TV, music, show biz publicity, comedians) is like tap water…ubiquitous. There is so much available that Fox dominates in the ratings because it is an aberration. Liberals get their comfort food in virtually any direction other than a smattering of conservative mother ships.

The majority media culture has been punching conservatives in the face since the invention of the printing press. Don’t think so? Stand in front of a magazine rack in your local grocery store or mega-mart today and tell me what stories the covers are touting. Who are the cool people smiling back at you? Liberals, that’s who. Tap water is everywhere in America. Rush Limbaugh is rich because he was the first to fill a market void. It’s economics, people.

In the end, a business either finds its niche or it fades to black. Politically charged people like you, someone who would read this deeply into a post, spin the hamster wheels that keep these businesses alive.

Fox NEEDS Obama to win. Regardless of the outcome, the majority media culture has a horn of plenty in mocking conservative thought. It is what it is.

Let’s vote and move forward. (“Ohhhh…he wrote FORWARD. I told you he was a filthy Liberal.”) See how that works?

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