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Goodbye 2018, Hey ’19, We Can Dance Together

Dr. Henry Sadlo (5th from left) and lifetime pal Terry Meiners with hiking friends on January 1, 2019

My best friend Dr. Henry Sadlo, a renowned Louisville cardiologist, organizes weekend hikes via group texts. Fellow physicians, medical professionals, athletes, neighbors, and longtime schoolmates gather together to walk for anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

We launched 2019 with a 5 mile trek through a portion of The Parklands, an incredible parks system cobbled together by various philanthropists. The family of Humana co-founder David Jones Sr. created much of the organizational work and design. The Parklands is one of the most stunning public parks in the region.

Any person who is capable of walking, running, or biking has a heavenly exercise playground available to them every day of the year. Cheers to a healthy 2019.

The Parklands Palisades Bridge, near the Seaton Valley trailhead
Chris O’Bryan, Dr. Henry Sadlo, and Terry Meiners, 1971-in 75 classmates at St. Xavier High School

As for the insanity of tumultuous 2018, it’s time to let it go. Come on, Gladys, let it go!

BTW, the only reason I wound up in broadcasting is because I was rejected as a Pip for Gladys. I’m still bitter after all these years. Dude, I totally have those moves!

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