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Rick Pitino halftime hilarity – Who knows what’s next?

University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino and I had a ton of fun with his TV show during his first 12 years in Louisville. The contract eventually went to a different TV station and we lost our weekly silliness.

Here’s a typical show. It originally aired on December 20, 2008. The final segment (at approx 21 minutes in) shows a montage of the goofball halftime interviews we would do for laughs. Once I launched my second question, I had no idea what Pitino would say to break my shoes. ESPN Sportscenter eventually picked it up one night. Pitino saw it and texted: “Our act finally made it to national TV.” Mission accomplished.

Coach P is still one of the best interview subjects in all of media. He gives thoughtful, insightful answers and never forgets to add some humor. That skill set will serve him well whenever he steps away from coaching and goes to TV commentary.

Pitino tells me today that he is ready to go back to work on Monday with that same head of steam he brings every year.

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