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When any news outlet can be labeled by its political flavor, that’s Dereliction of Duty

A study from Northwestern University lays bare the obvious political bias Google foists on people searching news stories. Google algorithms slant heavily toward liberal flavored news accounts.

Yawn. We know Google pursues liberal causes. That’s not the real story here.

What the hell happened to an industry that’s primary mission is supposed to be centered on objectivity? Look at how easily we can assign a political flavoring to various news outlets. That’s pathetic.

What kind of jellyfish are journalism schools pumping out into the world?

Does no one have the integrity to see both sides of an argument? If you’re a liberal or conservative activist journalist, you are a fraud and a disgrace to the basic principles of news gathering and dissemination.

There’s no such thing as an activist journalist. A journalist compiles facts and dispenses them with an overriding sense of balance featuring opposing viewpoints.

An activist is a hype man, a carnival barker who is convinced that shouting down others makes their viewpoint correct.

If you’re an embedded activist pretending to be a fair journalist, go do something else for a living.

Journalists (1) present both sides of a story, (2) do not bury stories that they find personally unappealing, and (3) do not promote fool’s gold “stories” that are created just to further a journalist’s personal bias.

If you “hate” such-and-such politician then you shouldn’t report on politics. You’re a hack who’s delivering personal bias masked as “journalism.”

If any of these sources: CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fox News, MSNBC, HuffPo, USA Today, or The Courier-Journal seem objective and balanced to you, then you are a partisan idiot. Any “news” outlet that constantly hammers one political viewpoint while offering glowing updates on the opposing viewpoint is just a political pawn.

Demand more from partisan people who are merely masquerading their emotions as facts.

They see you as a sea of suckers. If you blindly believe their spun partisan presentation, you are.

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