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Ignore history and you’re doomed to repeat it

Terry Meiners and Matt Jones discussed the apology issued by The Courier-Journal over a crybaby caricature of Kentucky coach John Calipari. The conversation sparked heavy response from fans of both UK and UofL.

Enjoy these examples.

Sent: Monday, September 22, 2014 6:02 PM
Subject: Some Comments

Several minutes ago I heard your conversation with Matt Jones regarding the CJ’s apology to John Calipari for the “cry baby” cartoon.

I am a proud UK grad, we are a 3 generation UK family, a lot of us know you are a complete UL shill. You were expelled from UK for dorm vandalism, one of your sons enrolled at UK and was heckled on campus, as were you, when the students recognized who you were-good riddance.

You congratulated the CJ for the cartoon, and damned them for the apology. John Calipari is an very devoted Catholic, he attends daily Mass. You conveniently overlook the fact that both UL’s football and basketball coaches have screwed whores, how about discussing some of that?

I listen to you to hear what kind of crap you are putting out, if you were fired tomorrow it would be a great event.
Just get off UK’s back you disgusting ass hole.

Joe Schmitt Jr. BSME UK ’54


Sent: Monday, September 22, 2014 8:49 PM
Subject: RE: Some Comments

Hi Joe,

You seem like a good guy with a failing memory. You graduated right after UK’s first Death Penalty over point shaving. Of course, our beloved Cats lead the nation in all-time NCAA penalties over multiple generations.

Your historical accounts regarding my family are completely erroneous.

But you, like I, are a forgiving and tolerant man. I am impressed by your heart of gold toward other human beings.

Thanks for writing. Go Cats! Yes….CATS! CATS! CATS! Let’s holler at people over sports! It shows integrity and maturity.


Terry Meiners
WHAS Radio & TV
4000 Radio Drive
Louisville, KY 40218

Roy D. Foster Because going to daily Mass makes you a decent human being and all…
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Thomas Hood Geez, it takes a thick skin, doesn’t it? Take heart, not everyone thinks you’re “shill”.
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Lynn Carmicle Well, isn’t he just precious?
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Jerry Hartlage I am a true blue fan, but I have grown to the position where I will not say anything bad about coaches or players. I just pray for them. I am all for second chances. Both Coach Ps got one and I am happy. Let’s pray for Rex and Ritchie and give them a second chance.
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Scott LaRock Hall Daily mass and whores wow its true you can get lucky in Kentucky
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Vicky Zirnheld Anderson · 21 mutual friends
Sounds like a good Christian stance. How do people become so blinded to their own hatefulness? Boundaries people…sheesh.
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Bruce Mitchell · 7 mutual friends
Why are all Kentucky fans crybabies ?
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Adam Hamby I like how everyone tells you you about your days at UK as if you never before knew.
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John Woosley Hey Terr, that guy doesn’t represent the UK fan-base. I think you do a great job.
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Karen Kampschaefer This gentleman obviously spent a lot of time composing this email. If he had spent that same amount of time doing something productive and worthwhile for humankind it would have been time much better spent.
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Terry Meiners I love UK. I don’t let a few zealots change the way I feel about the school.
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Ken Burns Guys like that have no clue as to how much free show prep they are dropping in your lap!
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Radio talk show hosts Tony Vanetti, Terry Meiners, and Matt Jones (September 23, 2013)
Radio talk show hosts Tony Vanetti, Terry Meiners, and Matt Jones (September 23, 2013)

Trent Pehlke Damn Terry….
57 minutes ago · Like

Forest L Ramsey First lesson: never argue with a man with a mic.
57 minutes ago · Like · 6

Jeff Townsend What an idiot.
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Barry Braxton I move to Lexington from Louisville 18 years ago. It’s like living in the land of the Walking Dead! BBN Or as I put it….Big Blue Nuts!
52 minutes ago · Like · 5

Rick Condon I am sorry these things devolve so quickly and easily
51 minutes ago · Like · 1

Phil Hill Terry, I know you are having fun but why even acknowledge that with a response! Go CATS!
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Josh Turner So much asshole talk today. Terry you are a funny dude and I enjoy your work.
45 minutes ago · Edited · Like · 3

Terry Eaves Terry, give it a break.
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Lenny Mynahan Does everybody forget that the all time great “king calapari” married his mistress? So I guess that’s ok with his catholic beliefs! Terry thank you for saying on air what we can not because we do not have the means to do so!!
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Jonathan Jones I’m a cats fan – and find both notes hilarious!
41 minutes ago · Like · 1

Lori Smith so, does Joseph Schmitt jr go to mass every day in lex OR does he hear Cal interject his daily mass activity into EVERY radio show???!!!
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Bella Notte As I said earlier, your show is mostly comedy and I enjoy it as does most of this listening area so these people are silly.
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Sandy Spicer Bussell Does he not realize that “heckling” is the same as bullying??? So he just admitted that bullying must be okay!
15 minutes ago · Like

Byron Cravens That dude need to go see a psychiatrist One preferably not in Lexington talk about mental haha what a tool
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Rickey Lindsey Sr. Oh did the poor little kitty cat fan get his feelings hurt? They sure like to talk smack but whine when ever someone throws it back at them.
Watford for the win! Go Hoosiers!!!
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pitino calipari

dad. husband. observer. media personality. pathological flyer.