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The Beasman preps Slick Rick for NCAA confession, Uber loser Andre McGee, and arming Cat fans for Loserville

Rick Pitino on emotion, drive, and sadness leading up to senior night and a postseason ban

The Beasman roasts Larry Minner, celebrates Papa John going blue, and UofL’s early season exit

Christian McCaffrey on his incredible NCAA football records, his famous dad, the Heisman, and meeting American Pharoah

The Beasman gives Charlie Strong a new slogan – Hook ’em, Horndogs

Rep. Brett Guthrie on GOP presidential candidates and teenage love for Bernie Sanders

Matt Jones on interviewing prostitute Katina Powell, woven into UofL’s basketball scandal

Dr. Ricky Jones on the UofL investigations committee and NCAA tyranny

Jennifer Lawrence’s mom Karen on a 4th Academy Award nomination, Jen’s work ethic, charity, and future

Ky Governor Matt Bevin on dissolving kynect, right to work, “flip the house,” & austere budget

The Beasman would like to rescind last week’s call to fire Coach Cal and replace him with Tubby

Katie George on her new broadcast career, NFL playoffs, UofL sports, skiing, and the pageant life

The Beasman is depressed after UK was thumped at LSU; there is crying on the yacht

Louisville metro council president David Tandy on leaving office, city violence, money woes, more

The Beasman gloats on UK’s victories and U of Smell’s tornado of scandals

The Beasman enjoys Terry’s “Walk of Shame” away from Rupp Arena after UK beats UofL

The Beasman savors UK’s win over UofL and mocks “Slick Rick” for dodging the media

The Beasman is angry after another UK loss prior to the rivalry game vs. Louisville

Angie Fenton on her gut-wrenching reality show appearance on Finding My Father

The Beasman is disgusted after his #1 Wildcats lost to UCLA

The Beasman is (1) depressed and mad at God, and (2) destitute after UofL beat UK

The Beasman predicts that UK will pimp slap UofL in football and that Matt Jones will soon be the new King of All Media

Lexington Herald Leader cartoonist Joel Pett defends his cartoon lampooning Matt Bevin through his adopted children

The Beasman can’t believe that a grown man would go see The Hunger Games while UK is playing Duke

Gov Steve Beshear after meeting with adversary-turned-successor Matt Bevin on dismantling kynect, lost insurance hype, pension crisis, and new bridge name

Ky Sports Radio founder Matt Jones on UK football woes, UofL strippergate, Gov Matt Bevin, and you KNOW he’s running for congress

The Beasman on Matt Jones for congress, radio beatdowns of UofL, and Coach Cal recruiting Matt Bevin as a Cats fan

The Beasman hopes that Matt Bevin is a Cats fan who’ll staff the UofL board with Ashley Judd, Oscar Combs, and Matt Jones

The Beasman enjoys U of Smell’s clown car of QBs and says Pope Francis is a Wildcat

Matt Bevin on the day before he was elected as governor of Kentucky

Jack Conway on the day before losing the election for governor of Kentucky

The Beasman loves U of Smell’s walk of shame with no end in sight

Ky. governor candidate Matt Bevin on his final 10 day strategy before the election

John Ziegler on Pitino vs Paterno scandal survival

The Beasman is overjoyed as the UofL prostitution scandal goes nationwide

Rep. John Yarmuth on Matt Jones for Congress, Matt Bevin’s last gasp, & China debt

Rick Pitino on the swirling prostitution scandal at U of L

Orlando Magic guard Shabazz Napier on his work regimen, UConn titles, and NBA life

The Beasman is elated that U of L has a new sex scandal (part 1)

The Beasman is elated that U of L has a new sex scandal (part 2)

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush on Pope Francis, climate change, Rowan Co. clerk, Iran, switching religions, Rick Scott poaching Ky companies, Mitch & Rand, knockout punch

The Beasman claims that he is bringing Pope Francis to Lexington

Rep. John Yarmuth on Pope Francis overriding politics, and praise for Mitch McConnell stiff arming Ted Cruz on a potential government shutdown

The Beasman loves U of Smell’s clown car of QBs, goose egg wins, Peyton Manning’s ratings dominance, and UK turning Gators into shoes and purses.

Se. Mitch McConnell on the Iran deal, Rowan Co. clerk, Pope Francis visit, pain capable bill, GOP sniping, and more

Rick Pitino on his return to the USA from Puerto Rico, UofL Cards improvement, his family’s 9/11 tragedy, and emerging from grief

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear on Kim Davis freed, candidates co-opting Jesus for votes, and how gay intolerance thwarts business recruitment

WHAS legend Van Vance (and others) debunk a Rush Limbaugh caller’s claim of a manipulated 1970s Louisville anchor team

Rush Limbaugh caller fabricates story about 1970s Louisville media

The Beasman thinks the Rowan County clerk is a hero and anyone who’s not a Baptist is going to Hell

Drew Curtis, independent candidate for Kentucky governor

The Beasman hails Matt Jones For Congress

The Beasman laughs at UofL in Puerto Rico and dreams of Gov. Matt Jones

Jack Conway on his TV ad claims, coal, purging child porn, pension crisis

The Beasman predicts that Matt Jones will marry Katie George and become the next President of the United States

Sen. Rand Paul on campaign turmoil, Hillary, Trump, Planned Parenthood videos, ending foreign aid

The Beasman finally found a Louisville Cardinal he likes – Katie George

Miss Ky USA Katie George is totally hilarious, prepping for the pageant and a future in broadcasting

Katie George on her chicken legs, Trump fiasco, dad seeing her bikini, and how to #SaveTheQueen

Ky Gov. Steve Beshear on minimum wage, how to dissuade Humana and/or Yum from leaving the state

High school student & NASCAR Xfinity driver Ben Rhodes

Rep. John Yarmuth on Hillary, human trafficking, and Republican control of Congress

The Beasman after UK loses to Wisconsin, ending the #PathToPerfection

The Beasman on UK domination and Cat fans experiencing Loserville street porn

Rick Pitino on “new team” chemistry, ACC Tourney, Jim Boeheim punishment, Puerto Rico team, and Blurred Lines

UK’s AD Mitch Barnhart on potential Rupp renovation, creating a better stadium experience, and new deal with iHeartMedia

Matt Bevin on austerity, KyNect, racial tension, & his gubernatorial plan

The Beasman is ready for March Madness and the Path to Perfection

Sen. Rand Paul on prisoner swaps, drones, Keystone, Audit the Fed, Iran, “Obama light,” Hillary impersonation #2016

The Beasman teases after UofL loses to Duke #Icantshoot #Icantwin

Miss Kentucky USA Katie George, UofL volleyball star/beauty queen, on her lack of filters, competitive nature, eating, and Honey Boo Boo

Rev. Bojangles Blanchard on SCOTUS, gay marriage, and when fellow Christians tell him they can “pray the gay away”

Dick Vitale on UK platoons, UofL vs Duke, Coach Cal’s jab, March Madness

Rick Pitino on losing to UK, Cat fans in the Yum, continuing the rivalry, UK comparison to ’96 UK team, UofL challenges

The Beasman calls twice to taunt UofL fans after UK wins the rivalry game

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on his first day as leader

Antoine Walker on burning through $110 million, winding up broke and alone

Four prominent Louisville African Americans (deputy police chief, attorney, college professor, and writer) discuss police, race, peace, and economic equality

Rick Pitino on “4 white guys & an Egyptian,” 1D, Shaqquan, minor injuries, Notre Dame, Nanu, and prepping for Cleveland State — Ohio State

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on squabbling with Pres. Obama, Keystone, coal, Miley Cyrus, immigration, Republican rebels, Rand Paul

Gov. Steve Beshear on the shellacking Democrats endured in 2014

Sen. Rand Paul on ebola quarantines, GOP white guys, nation building, Grimes/McConnell, homegrown terrorism, female/male voters, and 2016 prez run

The Beasman guarantees a UK football beatdown over U of Smell; finds new radio partner

Bill Cosby on parenting, race, Jesus, street football, Catholics, & more

Mitch McConnell on Kentuckians already on Obamacare, gun deaths, gay marriage acceptance, President Hillary, police militarization, & more

WHAS-11 reporter Brooke Katz follows up with the family of the UofL cheerleader who overdosed

The Beasman following LSU’s beatdown of UK football

The Beasman smells a UK victory over UofL football

Louisville Bats owner Stuart Katzoff on the future of the franchise

Ed Hart on Kentucky Kingdom’s expansion plans for 2015

Terry Meiners & Matt Jones discuss the Courier-Journal crybaby caricature of Coach Cal

J-Town police chief Rick Sanders on tactics, training, demilitarization, video, Missouri rioting, and other police insights

SNL comedian Tim Meadows on film, comedy, and the lean years

1964 PGA Championship winner Bobby Nichols on Bear Bryant, Ben Hogan, and today’s tour problems

Rick Pitino on new players, ACC, and the nerve of a UK fan to ask to marry his daughter

Rep. John Yarmuth on Iraq, Bill Lamb debate stage, War on Coal, and Court of Appeals reviewing gay marriage bans

Sen. Rand Paul on Hillary Clinton’s “flat broke” declaration, Benghazi, Bowe Bergdahl, Iraq, Alison Grimes, and a West End GOP office

Sen. Mitch McConnell on if he needs Matt Bevin’s Tea Party support, plus Alison Grimes’ agenda, debate rules, and moderator bias

Reed Yadon on new legal filings re: pilot fatigue at UPS (suspected in the crash of UPS flt 1354)

The Beasman was not impressed by UofL’s big NFL draft class

Sen. Mitch McConnell on coal, Donald Sterling, “That’s not my job,” and poll numbers

Rick Pitino on Mangok’s arrest, Montrezl, Blackshear, ACC, freshmen PT, Padgett, and more

Dr. Michael Macfarlane, challenger to Rep. John Yarmuth

The Beasman says Matt Jones is a media god and Coach Cal is the new Ernest Hemingway

Attorney Scott Drabenstadt & Christopher 2X on criminal family pathology

Mayoral candidate Jackie Green on Louisville’s tax flow to Kentucky, transportation tweaks, and slowing down traffic

The Beasman called twice after UK lost the national championship game

Reflections of the life of comedian Tim Wilson

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer on teen mob violence and city remedies

Christopher 2X on roving gangs of black youths robbing and assaulting random strangers in downtown Louisville

Pilot Reed Yadon on UPS & FedEx getting special exemptions for pilot rest rules

Sen. Rand Paul on Chris Christie, felon voting rights, presidential race fundraising

Terry Meiners interviewed re: his early radio days, Ron Clay, and WHAS legacy (from John Quincy on recorded February 27, 2007)

The Beasman after UK loses to UNC, is Coach Cal a spy for Louisville?

The Beasman after UK loses to Arkansas, renegade fan smack talks UK player

Dick Vitale on UK vs. UNC, UofL’s title defense, and a lost angel

Karen Lawrence on her daughter Jennifer’s new Hunger Games film, her humility, and the moving moment where Jennifer’s acting coach changed everything.

Matt Bevin on America’s debt and Tea Party viability in 2014

Sen. Mitch McConnell defends his debt deal, talks Tea Party, Ted Cruz, Alison Grimes, and the “Kentucky Kickback.”

Sen. Rand Paul on the debt deal, Tea Party status, Mitch McConnell’s standing, and the future fight over Obamacare

Ky Atty General Jack Conway on legalizing hemp; Alison Grimes campaign

Matt Bevin calls Barack Obama a liar; backs debt ceiling blockade; deflects advancing Glenn Beck’s false claim about Mitch McConnell

Sen. Mitch McConnell on the debt ceiling deadline, piecemeal shutdown, and SCOTUS revisiting campaign finance limits

Rep. John Yarmuth on SCOTUS campaign finance review, debt ceiling battle, and piecemeal shutdown

Moody Blues drummer Graeme Edge on the 1960s music revolution, sailing, golf, and why he still loves touring

NFL Hall of Famer Paul Hornung on his new statue in Green Bay, his days as The Marlboro Man, and the time he nearly killed Mike Ditka

Author Sue Grafton on series writing and her latest book: W is for Wasted

The Beasman can’t believe UofL continues to dominate the rivalry with UK

Gov. Steve Beshear dodges questions about naming new bridges, increasing cigarette taxes

The Beasman says the Year of the Cardinal is OVER!

Sen. Rand Paul on comedy show gags, NSA surveillance, Egypt unrest, and Safe Skies Act

The Beasman hates the University of Louisville’s media golf tournament

Rick Pitino moments after leaving the Louisville Cardinals White House celebration with President Obama

Dick Vitale rages at Alex Rodriguez but is high on new UofL and UK teams

Tea Party candidate Matt Bevin on defunding Obamacare, debt ceiling shenanigans, war on coal, and the value of newbie senators

Gov. Steve Beshear on Gov. Mike Pence, bridge works, Auditor Edelen audits, JCPS tax hike, and Alison Grimes alignment with Obama

Rep. John Yarmuth on Stand Your Ground laws following the George Zimmerman verdict

Yum! Brands chairman David Novak on philanthropy and his book Taking People With You

Sen. Mitch McConnell on his opponent, climate change, soaring Dow Jones, Obamacare, and his 30 year political career

Rick Pitino updates his Louisville Cardinals and the value of the upcoming team visit to the White House

Former gang banger Trent G, the fastest rapper in the world

Lexington Center Corp. chairman Brent Rice on the Rupp Arena redux

Comedian Jim Gaffigan on Catholics, parenting, McDonald’s & Waffle House, and dogs vs. children

Dr. Nat Irvin on why racism persists even with Barack Obama in the White House, Trayvon Martin, and absentee fathers

Rep. John Yarmuth on the tepid launch of Alison Grimes’ senate campaign

Ky. Governor Steve Beshear on the lack of candidates to run against Sen. Mitch McConnell

Charlie Strong on UK/UofL series, 9 conference game future, the ACC, teasing Joker Phillips, parenting, and more

Rick Pitino replies to the Ohio State president’s derision toward UofL, UK, and Catholics

Rick Pitino on April 9, 2013, the day after his 2013 NCAA Championship

Rick Pitino two weeks later on why he’s selling his house (Nice acting, by the way)

The Beasman reacts to Louisville’s NCAA Championship

UofL baseball coach Dan McDonnell on prepping for the College World Series

Comedian Kristin Key on moist butt wipes and bonding with her dad

Rep. John Yarmuth on the leaked Sen. Mitch McConnell office tape

Sen. Rand Paul on support for Mitch McConnell, Hillary’s Benghazi testimony, and the Obama 2nd term

The Beasman whines over UK’s losing streak and UofL’s Sugar Bowl invite

My sons, Max and Simon Meiners, stump for Pres. Obama on WHAS Radio

Max and Simon appear again on Nov 5, 2012, Election Eve

UofL athletics director Tom Jurich on the move to the ACC

Tom Jurich on retaining top talent

Sen. Mitch McConnell on the fiscal cliff, Susan Rice nomination, and UofL’s invite to the ACC

Liberace’s beau Scott Thorson awaiting sentencing for credit card fraud

Ky Gov. Steve Beshear on Ashley Judd, Ky Kingdom, & the fiscal cliff

The Beasman on Ashley Judd entering the senate race

Ed Hart on his no-risk-to-taxpayers proposal to reopen KY Kingdom and Gov. Beshear’s silence

Rep. John Yarmuth on the fiscal cliff, and presidential debate strategies

Sen. Rand Paul on the Tea Party message reverberating in America

Sen. Mitch McConnell the day after Mitt Romney dominated Barack Obama in the 1st debate

Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson on Pres. Obama’s tepid first debate

UofL President Dr. James Ramsey on how academics played into the move to the ACC

Bill Maher on politics and absurdity in American culture

Stacey Vicari on regenerating the best time in one’s life

Terry Meiners & Gary Burbank co-host on WHAS, October 2009

The Beasman on his statue, UofL football success, UK football, Green Bay, and Coach Cal w/ Clinton

Ricky Jones on why it’s not time to call it a post-racial America

Auschwitz survivor David Mermelstein, now 84, tells of his liberation from the Nazi death camp

Rick Pitino on his 2012-13 UofL team, their humility, their fire, and his 60th birthday

LMPD heroes Ofc. Vadim Dale, Ofc. Fred Wilson

Ron Carmicle on the future of Kentucky Kingdom

J. Bruce Miller on the NBA in Louisville

Metro Councilwoman Attica Scott on racial profiling at Fourth Street Live

Wesley Korir on winning the Boston Marathon

Howard Schnellenberger on whether Charlie Strong should leave UofL

Sen. Mitch McConnell from the Republican National Convention

Dean Corbett on his arrest and the resolution

Terry’s favorite HATE EMAIL: defending a queer

Ky Sports Radio founder Matt Jones on UK’s All-Access show, Rick Pitino’s hair, and rednecks

Gary Burbank on his induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame

Burbank again a few days after the HOF induction

Vicki Dortch from the White House prior to interviewing Barack Obama

Jonathan Miller on winning big at the World Series of Poker

Parachute Engagement

Father’s Day every day

image via @LouisvilleHumor on Twitter


WQMF w Ron Clay

WLRS w Ron Clay

WKQQ Lexington

WHAS May 3, 2000 Helicopter-to-helicopter over the Pegasus Parade

BEST OF TERRY MEINERS cassette tape released in 1993

Terry Meiners first show on 84WHAS, Monday, December 2, 1985 (parts 1 & 2)

Terry Meiners Show on 84WHAS on December 22, 1987: Ter’s Year End Top Tunes Countdown, with cameos by Doug McElvein, Dan Burgess, Larry Grant, Susan Sweeney, Sid Jenkins, Buzz Baxter, & Gary “Stud Muffin” Rizzo. (parts 1-3)

84WHAS Terry Meiners Show, March 1, 1988: Buzz Baxter, Angie Humphrey, Frank Skaggs (sexist pig), Liar’s Club, a funeral for the death of WAKY Radio

WAKY legend Bill Bailey fills in for Terry Meiners, August 8, 1988

84WHAS Terry Meiners Show, June 22, 1989

84WHAS Terry Meiners Show during 1989

84WHAS Terry Meiners Show, January 17, 1991 after the U.S. sent troops into Kuwait to thwart an Iraqi invasion. Mary Jeffries delivers news, Ron Robertson has traffic news, and Terry takes phone calls from listeners.

84WHAS Terry Meiners Show, January 23, 1991 one week after U.S. troops are embedded in Kuwait.

Terry Meiners Bit Bonanza

WHAS assorted airchecks

WHAS 1972: Milton Metz & Louisville deejays talk about their paychecks

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