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Oscars 2014 — Ellen shall lead


Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres broke the record for retweets with the selfie crammed by A-list stars in the audience. It was clearly a product placement tactic, later revealed by Ellen’s additional tweets on a rival smartphone device.

She received fair reviews of her show performance, although it dragged at times.

The Hollywood Reporter totally crushed Ellen‘s performance.

Some in the transgender community were irked by Ellen’s joke about Liza Minnelli. Best Supporting Actor Jared Leto, a straight male who played a transgender character, was criticized for not mentioning the transgender community in his acceptance speech.

For many viewers, Leto’s moving speech was the highlight of the night.

Jimmy Kimmel promoted his post Oscars special with a cool TV trick.

Leonardo DiCaprio failed to win again, losing the Best Actor award to Matthew McConaughey.

And Louisville’s Jennifer Lawrence was stunning again in her evening gown and after-party dress.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< jennifer lawrence Oscars 2014 after party

>>>>>>>>>>>BUZZFEED-ON-JENNIFER’S-BIG-NIGHT<<<<<<<<<<<<<< jennifer lawrence Oscars 2014

It’s time city leaders put together a campaign for one of those giant “Jennifer’s Louisville” building banners. Perhaps “Hunger Games” studio heads at Lionsgate Entertainment could underwrite it to coincide with the release of the next film in that blockbuster series.

Here is Ellen’s highlight film covering the entire process of hosting the Academy Awards show. This year’s program had phenomenal ratings.


John Travolta was the biggest oddball of the night, badly mispronouncing the name of a nominated singer.

travolta mispronounce

And then there was Goldie Hawn, who brought her new face and her old beau Kurt Russell.

goldie hawn kurt russell
goldie hawn kurt russell

The Oldie Hawn comparison photo below shows a strikingly different facial composition prior to surgery. She’s a doll baby but some doctor seems to have gone a trifle overboard.


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