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Seattle is dying. Louisville wants to be Seattle. Why?

KOMO TV reporter Eric Johnson reports on how homelessness combined with “twinkle toes” political leadership leads to the death of a great city.

Seattle is known as Free-attle, where those “unwilling to work” are drawn to fake dreams of free food, free drugs, free housing, and freedom from self-discipline.

Cops have very little power. Drug abuse is ignored by the city leadership. Homeless camps filled with drug addicts are all over downtown Seattle. Why would tourists want to visit?

Louisville leadership’s “compassionate city” mantra is a small-scale replica of Seattle’s path to destruction. Louisville turns a blind eye to much criminal activity, ubiquitous graffiti, and drug laws. Mayor Greg Fischer continually preaches tolerance and understanding of his determination of “the marginalized.”

The Louisville Office of Resilience is expensive societal experimentation with little more than hope as a mission statement.

Citizens and shop owners pay taxes but receive limited security and threats of diminishing city services unless Mayor Greg Fischer gets a tax hike on insurance. The mayor’s primary attention is focused on compassion, not on the people who pay taxes.

One list already shows Louisville is the 8th highest taxed city in America.

Louisville wants to be Seattle. Hopefully Seattle’s crushing troubles will awaken Louisville leaders to the reality of gutlessness disguised as compassion.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and Terry Meiners, June 2018
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