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AOC not kidding, Nobel Peace Prize melts from Greta’s grasp

I snapped this stunning photo at Valhalla Golf Club on October 10, 2019. Climate change activists continually warn us that the planet will no longer sustain human life within 10 years so I’m trying to play as much golf as I can before my body explodes from heat.

It was a tranquil walk around Valhalla until I heard this disturbing news: Greta is already a flash in the pan…a flash that likely added extra heat that our withering world does not need!

Greta Thunberg, angry again

The Nobel Peace Prize panel chose an African leader for this year’s prize – HOW DARE YOU! That Nobel RIGHTFULLY belongs to sweet Greta Thunberg, the teen who scolded adults for chasing money instead of riding bikes and eating vegan to save the planet.

Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, age 43

“Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea,” the Nobel committee said in a statement announcing its decision.

Ethiopia and Eritrea, longtime foes who fought a border war from 1998 to 2000, restored relations in July 2018 after years of hostility – mere months after the 43-year-old became prime minister.

The Nobel people noted that Prime Minister Ahmed is the youngest African leader at 43. Sweet Sixteen Greta will have to make much more noise in 2020 if she is to be noticed again by Nobel beat writers.

Luckily, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will tearfully keep Greta’s perfectly researched climate change agenda on the world stage. In fact, AOC wept today in Greta’s neighborhood, just over in Copenhagen. Of course, Greta couldn’t be there yet as she is sailing back to Europe on a garbage can lid to avoid needless carbon foot printing from jetting home.

Greta is expected to float home in time for Arbor Day 2022. AOC will be home later tonight, opting for a private jet with catered vegan treats.

Luckily, the tolerant Left will look the other way. There is much more to do…like rioting, cursing, blocking highways, painting graffiti, and spitting on others with whom they disagree.

No one will spit on American icon and war traitor Jane Fonda, who claims she has been a climate scientist for decades. Greta has made Jane WOKE!

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