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Schiff Happens – Liberals bamboozled again as “Russian to judgment” pays no rubles

“I applaud you, Donnie! NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and The New York Times worked it as hard as they could yet came up with a nothing burger. I am heartbroken but still powerful, Donnie! Go ahead and shoot someone on Fifth Avenue. Apparently no one can do anything about it!”

Poor sad Liberals. Our lefty media spoon feeds them hope every day that “it’s the beginning of the end” for Donald Trump because “the walls are closing in.” Breathless media reports of BOMBSHELL BREAKING NEWS stories that declare “there’s no way out” for Trump.

Hahahahaha. Nope.

There is much fresh sadness in Liberal Land. After months of hysterical news reports about the Mueller investigation into Donald Trump’s OBVIOUS collusion with Russians, the report was a yawner.

It’s noteworthy that NBC News sent its New York based TODAY Show anchor to Washington DC to conduct one story and then call it a day. Savannah Guthrie represents the overall media attitude toward the Trump administration with her curt and pointed inquiry with Trump’s mouthpiece Sarah Sanders. No love on either side.

Now the pushback between Liberals and Conservatives moves to the nah-nah-nah-nah-naaaahhh stage over whether Trump was engaged in obstruction of justice. Give it rest, partisans. Go do the work of the people…providing security and infrastructure for those who pay for it.

No indictments of Trump or his family. No Russian collusion to interfere with the 2016 election. No impeachment. No crowing from the Rachel Maddow crowd. Just nothing.

What now? Ohhhhhh…it’s a cover up! Mueller was in on it all along! Trump likely paid off Mueller and his entire family!

More HYPER-ANIMATED lead stories about the COLLAPSE of TRUMP! Because we, the American people, are a sea of suckers. Media bashing of Trump (as a return volley for his constant media bashing) will now pivot to some other red herring to try to topple the Trumpster.

“He’s not running for president. He’s running for ‘Keep Me Famous.'”

Here is the legendary TRUMP CAN’T WIN compilation. Ann Coulter is the only voice who got it right.

But never fear, Liberals. Socialism will win the 2020 election. Oh, yeah! The walls are closing in on capitalism. Hahahaha.

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