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Bloomberg’s disastrous debate leaves Louisville with a wounded BFF

Mike Bloomberg was boot stomped in his first presidential debate appearance. Elizabeth Warren crushed Bloomberg on his racist stop-and-frisk policies that targeted minorities, his sexist verbal blasts of women, and his refusal to release former workers from nondisclosure agreements.

Elizabeth Warren put the smackdown on Mike Bloomberg during his first debate appearance.

Bloomberg could do little more than smirk. He just stood there with a Grinch sneer, thinking of how he’d exact revenge later. A record 20 million viewers saw a cranky old billionaire who apparently had never heard a discouraging word.

Rinse and repeat for future debates because stop-and-frisk is an unforgivable racist policy that a newly elected NYC Mayor Bloomberg chose to enhance instead of eradicate.

Bloomberg has spent more than $460 million of his own money on campaign expenses and is expected to spend over a billion dollars. For what?

Now Twitter has suspended over 70 accounts that appear to be paid endorsement feeds that post the same pro-Bloomberg messages. In other words, Bloomberg’s team is purchasing fake praise.

Elizabeth Warren has prepared a release for former Bloomberg employees who signed nondisclosure agreements. It would free them to speak on the public record about whatever happened under Bloomberg’s employ.

Many expect Warren to deliver the waiver to Bloomberg onstage at the next debate, hand him a pen, and demand that he sign it. Wow!

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg

The city of Louisville now has a problem. Mayor Bloomberg’s Foundation awarded Louisville several million dollars for a do-gooder program and so The Ville’s Mayor Greg Fischer eagerly endorsed Bloomberg for president. Bloomberg named Fischer as a campaign co-chair.

The problem is that the Bloomberg Foundation gave even larger grants to dozens of other cities whose mayors did not go all in as shills for a Bloomberg presidency. So what happens if any other Democrat wins the presidency? Louisville is a spurned lover.

There was no reason whatsoever for Fischer to endorse any candidate until the Democratic nomination was secured.

The Courier-Journal’s Phillip Bailey reports that Fischer is trying to spin Bloomberg’s dismal debate performance into a positive. Congressman John Yarmuth was truthfully blunt in his assessment of the Bloomberg implosion.

As for the rest of the Democrat presidential candidates parodied at the top of the this post, former vice president Joe Biden seems to be the lost ball in high weeds.

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