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#tbt Working with professionals is always a great day at the office

WHAS studio, December 1991

The Courier Journal ran an extensive profile of me on January 4, 1992. The excellent writer C. Ray Hall followed me for three days. I was worried that I was about to be indicted. What in the world would be that interesting that required three days of observation?

The piece turned out to be the most thorough, thoughtful, and accurate piece ever written about me. Mr. Hall told me that it was the longest profile the newspaper had ever done on a media person.

We were all together earlier in the day but my sister Maureen had to leave before the photo session started. (1991)
With my siblings and in laws, December 1991 at Tim and Cindy’s home. My sister Maureen (center) was present for this photo.

These photos were never published but were given to me after the publication was released. Staff photographer Pam Spalding was terrific. She snapped a zillion pictures of my family and me and they were incredibly respectful and touching. Ms. Spalding made me at ease in front of the camera so that I could just be myself.

Both the writer and photographer were absolutely the most accurate reporters I have ever encountered.

WHAS studio, December 1991
December 1991
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