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Merry Christmas, partisans! Now give it a rest for a few days.

Kathy Griffin displays severed head of Trump effigy

Merry Christmas, everyone. Try to hold onto to the Christmas spirit every day.

Love expands life. Rage corrodes life.

Angry partisans vulgarize our culture. Daily profane online beatdowns of their perceived “enemies” are relentless, tiresome, and futile. No one has every read a profanity laced, acerbic demonization of some political figure and thought, “That f-word really enlightened me. I’m switching parties!”

Online abuse is ubiquitous. People who don’t like themselves rub temporary salve on their wounded souls by vilifying others. The more abusive they are, the less they’re inclined to realize how deranged they are to the massive majority that finds joy in life.

It’s Christmas. Some way, somehow find your OFF switch and immerse yourself in something of value. Work at a mission. Pick up trash. Paint over graffiti. Deliver soup to a lonely neighbor. Pray. Meditate. Sing Christmas carols. Dance. Go for a run.

Don’t like people? Volunteer at the humane society.

Just stop being a caustic asshole. That’s the best gift you can give the rest of the world.

The rest of us know that your feigned outrage is really just a cry for attention. You’ll improve the human condition by being of service to others instead of just throwing acid on your chosen demons.

Happy New Year. Stop being an asshole, AKA a loud opinionated person regularly proved to be wrong.

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