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Shocker! Media misdirection goes uncorrected.

Our media business makes mistakes. That’s cool. Humans make mistakes. Here’s Saturday night’s WHAS11 report of a Republican governor interacting with Democrat volunteers.

Anchor Lisa Hutson reads claims from the Democrat Party that Governor Matt Bevin is harassing the Democrats but she doesn’t have any facts about what actually happened.

August 17, 2019 Facebook post now deleted

Hutson’s report mirrors accounts from other media outlets, and they are all wrong. No one fact checked the story, they just repeated the misleading claims of the Facebook post. News consumers are given the false impression that there is conflict when it actually the complete opposite.

What’s changed in media is that very few mistakes are acknowledged once revealed. There used to be a corrections column or ombudsman to clarify prior mistakes. Today’s media machine trudges forward without reflection and a promise to try harder.

The latest case in point: Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is photographed wearing a Trump jacket while, according to media, “trolling” Democrats at their Kentucky State Fair booth.

But wait…that’s not true! How is that possible in a world of fair, impartial, nonpartisan media?

The problem is that Governor Bevin was having a cordial conversation about civil discourse and mutual agreement with the Democrat volunteers in the fair booth.

Here is the Twitter response of Democrat volunteer Forest Clevenger: “I’m the volunteer in the red shirt. He wasn’t trolling us – he comes and talks with our booth every year. We primarily discussed civil discourse and touched on a few issues where we could try to find common ground.”

In another reply, Clevenger added: “I’m sure he knew the photo op would bring attention, but he began and ended the conversation by telling us how much he respected the work that we do. Don’t get me wrong, he has none of my support. But person to person convos like that are necessary to repair our polarization.”

Why did no media person think to check Twitter or ask the Democrats working in the booth about their interaction with the governor? Instead, newsrooms simply echoed misdirected social media posts by Bevin haters.

“NO NEED TO CHECK FACTS – LIBERALS ON SOCIAL MEDIA TELL MY TRUTH!” said the self-proclaimed impartial media sheep. Except they didn’t check the social media of the people involved in the actual “story.” The media just went with the sentiment of the daily Bevin bashers as if they speak nonpartisan truth.

Pathetic, lazy journalism. This embarrassment is the result of understaffed newsrooms and the overall standard that Liberal “feelings” should be elevated to “facts.”

Our dwindling media business suffers from lack of fact-checking, inadequate staffing, and avoidance of balance in favor of Liberal leanings.

Even the Louisville Democrats eventually deleted the Facebook post asking Bevin “How old are you?”

That appropriate corrective measure by Democrats was not mentioned by local media.

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