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Success is a Journey that Ahmed Sabie savors

Ahmed Sabie, Ph.D.

📻 No one loves America more than Iraqi immigrant Ahmed Sabie, Ph.D. His amazing success story launched in 1966 at Morehead State University. Ahmed quickly learned English and vigorously earned multiple degrees. Along the way he fell in love with a Louisville girl. And the story is just getting started. AUDIO 🎙 🇺🇸 🇮🇶

Ahmed wrote a book about his incredible life and it is stuffed full of insight about pushing through challenges and clawing to find joy. His “stranger in a strange land” journey is a testament to fortitude and courage.

Ahmed and three of his brothers all emigrated to America and led successful lives. Most of them excelled in education. Positivity, hard work, and persistence pay off. The “pursuit of happiness” is a beautiful story in its individual context.

Terry Meiners, Ahmed Sabie (August 2019)
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