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Trump is Megyn all the wrong moves

simma down sluts

Cranky old white guys unite! The Donald needs every single one of your GET OFF MY LAWN, sexist, racist, xenophobic, mobility scooterized FIX ME A SAMMICH votes.

(cranky old white guys love ALL CAPS to express their disdain)

When Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly opened the GOP presidential debate quizzing Trump on his use of harsh language to describe women, Trump responded with venom. He kept slamming Kelly in subsequent interviews as his minions attacked Kelly online.

Kelly refused Trump’s demand for her to apologize, saying would continue to do her job “without fear or favor.”

The Washington Post FACT CHECKER affirmed that Trump made all of the slurs Kelly referenced.

Trump says he will “whine until I win.” His minions even found two sisters to shout and curse at the evil Megyn Kelly for having the audacity to ask Trump about his own demeaning words. THE NERVE!

Don’t like the questions, Trump? Attack the moderator!!!! ‘Murica is just too sensitive to political correctness. Calling people pigs used to be plain old fun!!!

megyn kelly GQ poses

Nice swerve from reality. Since when does the word “objectify” equate to calling women fat pigs, dogs, slobs, disgusting animals, etc.

That’s not objectifying; that is berating, demeaning, vilifying…and Megyn Kelly’s entire question asked whether Trump’s language helps Hillary Clinton’s campaign tie him to the so-called War on Women.

Will we ever get his answer to how he will thwart Hillary’s defense of sisterhood against a male bully?

Not that Trump knows anything about war.

Screen shot 2015-08-09 at 12.41.28 PM

Trump is the candidate. Megyn Kelly is not running for office. Her life choices are irrelevant.

Trump came to the debate to rail about Mexican immigrant rapists and murderers only to face insipid girl questions from the “weak and pathetic” Megyn Kelly. That broad was just having her period, right CRANKY OLD WHITE GUYS?

trump make america hate

No apology will be offered from The Donald.

Some people enjoy bombastic bluster from Trump (which means “fart” in the UK).

After receiving a tsunami of outrage in 2014, even fearless Howard Stern quickly apologized after calling Lena Dunham a “talentless little fat chick.”

Referring to women as fat pigs, slobs, and disgusting animals is not acceptable behavior in our society and is the perfect way to cement the opinion that Republicans hate women.

Megyn Kelly, a news show commentator (not a news anchor) is featured in a GQ pictorial and Trump loyalists throw shade. Name one famous woman who has not had an extensive magazine pictorial profile.

diane sawyer cover

Is there a thinly veiled double standard in public expressions about body shapes? Yepper.

When anyone makes fun of plump Governor Chris Christie, that’s just humor.

But different descriptive words are applied to women. Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, Oprah, and Nicki Minaj are called talented, engaging, interesting, empowered women. No one would dare mention their dimensions.

But Chris Christie? Go right ahead and mock his girth. Jimmy Fallon, Conan, Kimmel, Cordon, and Colbert tell us Christie is a fat boy in every nightly monologue.

chris christie

A woman is not to be body shamed. Men are to be Shamu’d. Those are society’s rules in 2015.


By doubling down on a female debate moderator, Trump is Megyn all the wrong moves.

Donald Trump. Developer. Playa.
Donald Trump. Developer. Playa.

Do the math, ninnies. Women are 52% of potential voters. Other sizable constituencies that are not particularly open to conservative views include African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Muslim communities. Add in non-Christians, environmentalists, feminist first, social justice advocates, anti-big business, entitlement dependent, and those who are simply tired of cranky old white men pushing them around and there is no way Trump can bully his way to the presidency.

Ross Perot was a maverick candidate with billions of dollars and an ego that pushed him to spend whatever it took to be the 1992 spoiler.
Ross Perot was a maverick candidate with billions of dollars and an ego that pushed him to spend whatever it took to be the 1992 spoiler.

If billionaire Donald Trump runs as an independent candidate, Hillary wins. 1992 had a third party billionaire named Ross Perot. Here are the vote totals and percentages:

William Clinton – Albert Gore Jr. (Dem) 44,909,806 — 43.01%
George Bush – Dan Quayle (Rep) 39,104,550 — 37.45%
Ross Perot – James Stockdale (Ind) 19,743,821 — 18.91%

It’s time for Trump to step aside and go back to his true calling of building garish grandiosity. If he stays in, the GOP can go ahead and queue Piccolo Girl to play through tears until the 2020 election.

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