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FLASHBACK: My 2005 chat with young and innocent Andre McGee

Terry & Mary Meiners with Andre McGee (2009)

My wife Mary and I had a funny chat with an inebriated Andre McGee at Unbridled Eve a decade ago. Now, of course, we can only wonder what sort of seedy things were going on with McGee and the University of Louisville Cardinals that he was supposed to protect.

It’s no wonder Andre needed to get tipsy. He was likely hiding lots of secrets.

Rick Pitino is now coaching in Greece. The University of Louisville basketball program is slowly crawling out of a scandalous mess that involved Pitino’s personal missteps, recruits confirming that strippers were hired by former UofL player McGee to “entertain” them on visits, and adidas-related payments to the family of recruit Brian Bowen.

The payment scandal casts a shadow over all of college basketball. The brunt of the Louisville stripper scandal was tagged onto Pitino’s graduate assistant McGee.

Does anyone really believe that a graduate assistant with very little income was able to pay thousands of dollars to strippers and prostitutes? Oh hell no.

But McGee has vanished. We may not ever know the truth of who orchestrated and paid for all of this embarrassment that cost UofL its 2013 national championship.

When McGee was a freshman in 2005, I spent a few minutes talking with him about basketball, family competition, and, of course, beautiful women.

With our wealth of knowledge today, watching this video is gut wrenching. Notice the exuberant attitudes of Pitino and McGee, and think of the sting they now feel. McGee is still MIA, not appearing in public for years. Many other coaches, players, recruits, and associates also carry the stink of this horrific period.

The upside? Look at the University of Louisville basketball program now. Time really does heal all wounds.

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