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#WHAS100 🎧 Radioactive radio rebels rock! Meet Mandy, Mo, Di, Joe, Bob, Johnny Z, and Adolph!

WHAS is the most powerful radio signal in Kentucky. It can be streamed worldwide but its over-the-air signal pierces atop most of the contiguous 48 United States. WHAS Radio will turn 100 next July, pumping out news, interviews, and information 24/7.

Whether we’re talking to Dr. Dunkenstein, Dr. Fauci, or Dr. Pepper, we are delivering audio and video content to keep our community informed. Thanks for hanging with us for our first century!

Ian Vertrees in WHAS producer position (2015)

That’s our boy Ian Vertrees above. He’s a deejay on WQMF and the daily producer and voice contributor on the Terry Meiners Show. The iHeart machine moves because it is fueled by strong employees.

As we approach WHAS Radio’s 100th birthday next July, let’s visit with more of the people who’ve been a part of its legendary status in Kentucky media.

WHAS is locked in community support. The WHAS Crusade for Children, simulcast with WHAS-TV, has raised over $200 million in its 67 years. All monies go to assist special needs children.

A recent interview with blind Judge David Holton illustrated problems with the local bus service for special needs people. As a result of the public spotlight, action is being taken to remedy TARC-3’s service failures for handicapped patrons.

Here’s a recent interview with former WHAS midday host John Ziegler on inconsistencies in the new book by Katie Couric.

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