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MEDIA BLOOPERS FOR JUNE 2021 — Easy for YOU to say!

When America laughs at the weather dude, it’s a good news day!

Media bloopers. Always great stuff. WAVE3’s Ryan Hoke made the above blooper reel. You’ll see it at the :37 mark.

Sportswriter Rick Bozich knows his stuff, but just like 99% of us, he cannot properly pronounce the name of Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Watch below via the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Bozich writes:

And for those of you who love wacky TV graphics, think about the young person working at WAVE3 news who labeled University of Louisville national champion Milt Wagner as a “fan” commenting on a team issue in 2018.

You can just see the cub news writer loading the copy and thinking Milt was just some old dude who didn’t mind commenting on today’s wet-behind-the-ears basketball players.

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