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Vulgar, vicious, violent dirtbags preparing for four more years of Trump as president, find some ear plugs and an eye mask, media still caught in partisan trap

America’s worst week ever is at our doorstep but partisans can’t see the big picture. They’d rather snipe about the cockwomble POTUS and whatever today’s covfefe miscue might be.

Here’s the real story. A pandemic is about to kill more people than the U.S. has seen to date and it uniformly affects people of all races, creeds, religions, ethnicities, atheists, and political persuasions.

So much mainstream media and social media is focused on the faults of President Donald Trump that the overriding message of STAY HOME OR SPREAD DEATH is lost on petty partisan people. Give it a rest, nutballs. We are in a global struggle to SAVE THE WORLD, not worry about whether Trump misspelled something in a tweet.

Donald Trump loves throwing Twitter acid at media members who stupidly take the bait and fire back at him. The notion of objective media coverage of Trump is gone. At least 90% of media leans left and it shows in the Twitter feeds of activist “journalists” who used to hide their personal biases.

Trump is a juvenile delinquent who bullies, berates, mocks, and slimes his perceived opponents like many rude New Yorkers. The narcissism of extremely wealthy and powerful people like Trump, Michael Bloomberg, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Jeff Bezos and their ilk fuels their need to demean others.

Media people make the mistake of taking it personally and get sucked into the void. Many “journalists” think a byline gives them an editorial license to frame facts. Nope. They should stick to the basic who-what-when-where-why of a given situation and offer abundant countering content to show balance.

When it comes to Trump, they can’t do it. The basic narrative, tenor, and context of most Trump stories is negative because it feeds the ego of the “reporter” without much balance.

It’s April 12 but here is the important January news. Trump is a bad president. These six New York Times reporters are here to Monday morning quarterback the pandemic.

front page of New York Times, April 12, 2020

A search of New York Times archives shows no similar backtracking report of President Barack Obama’s response to the swine flu during his first term. More than ten thousand Americans died from that rare strain of flu.

It’s easy to check old tweets of so-called objective reporters to see their continuing criticism of Trump. Then check on their prior 8 years of praise and support for Barack Obama, and long ago derision of George W. Bush (twitter wasn’t around but Google can produce media content back to the invention of the printing press).

“We’re holding power to accountability,” they’ll say about their reporting. Obviously, a scan of their historical reporting shows they are selectively holding non-preferred power to accountability.

Comedian Jon Stewart nailed it a few years ago in this CNN interview. Sensitive media people can’t report objectively because they’ve got Trump’s hook caught in their mouths.

As much as these activist journalists delight each other by posting snark about Trump and his fans, the Trump faithful have not been turned away by media hysteria over “grab ’em by the (vagina),” months of investigations over unproven Russian collusion, the Mueller Report, the Brett Kavanaugh upheaval, emoluments for Trump family members, the Ukraine call, a toothless impeachment, and now a fumbling initial response to a global pandemic.

Trump rally in Lexington, Kentucky on Election Eve 2019

Trump’s likely opponent Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault by a former staff member but it hasn’t gotten traction with a predominantly Democrat media. The claim is extremely worse than Trump’s joke of “grab ’em by the” crotch because the Biden incident involves a actual woman claiming that he penetrated her with his fingers.

Media? Meh. They’re all in for Joe! How many months of outrage coverage was aimed at Trump’s joke to Billy Bush? The accusation against Biden can’t generate 1/1,000th of attention for a real victim crying out for justice.

What happened to “WE BELIEVE WOMEN” and the #MeToo #TimesUp warriors?

The accused is a Democrat so he’s OK, they reason. His heart is in the right place. The accuser, just like scores of women who accused Bill Clinton, are all liars and opportunists trying to take down a good man, the self-proclaimed nonpartisan media will say.

These same people who look away at the accusation against Biden totally believed Christine Blasey Ford’s decades old accusation against conservative Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


With minute-by-minute media derision of Trump for 5 straight years, the needle hasn’t moved. The haters hate and the Trumpkins stand by their man.

No one denies that Trump is a caustic jerk. For true journalists, that should not skew their reporting about this president or the state of America.

Media manipulation of narratives has completely destroyed the business. Many newspaper “journalists” have taken to begging their Twitter followers to subscribe for paid content as the current pandemic has dried up advertising dollars.

Pay for what? Everyone already knows the content in advance. “Orange Man Bad. Liberal Good.” Every single day.

A great many media managers are reporters who have climbed up the ladder over the years in spite of their pedestrian community college degrees. There are lots of dummies in the media business who simply parrot the views of academicians and cultural scholars, most of whom are liberals like Laurence Tribe.

Really? Now we’re going down a rathole where a global pandemic that started in Chinese wet markets is hidden by Trump? How would the pandemic convince a Republican majority to throw out a Republican president based on a phone call about military equipment?

How about doing some real journalism and investigate why a global pandemic that started in Wuhan China and crippled the economies of the U.S., Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, and the rest of the free world yet had little to no effect on nearby Beijing or Shanghai. Amazing!

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats demonized Trump for stopping all inbound visitors from China until world scientists could ascertain the breadth and extent of the Wuhan flu. Her January 31st tweet had a global message but was timed to coincide with Trump’s travel ban for China.

Poor timing for a broader message? Yeah, OK.

Laurence Tribe’s ludicrous tweet fuels the useful idiots of media to further its relentless negative messaging against Trump. Instead of advancing occasional legitimate complaints, the daily pounding of Orange Man becomes white noise.

The best way to hurt Trump is to ignore him. Quote Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx in coronavirus stories. Talk with the Defense Secretary on military matters. Interview business leaders about restarting the economy.

An ignored Trump is a wounded Trump. But our journalists are too egotistical and/or lazy to use this strategy. I guarantee a more humbled Trump if he has to beg for the spotlight.


Remember how all of these self-proclaimed open minded people lost their minds when Trump won the presidency? Riots, fire starting, looting, rock throwing, vulgar #Resist rallies sprang up in all the major cities.

What happened to the spirit of their COEXIST bumper stickers? Does COEXIST really mean that they only want to exist with others who think exactly as they do? That’s not coexistence, that’s group think.

Dirtbags resort to profanity when they can’t think of intelligent words to communicate thoughts. Other dirtbags encourage their behavior.

A few years ago brought a delicious pop tune by Adam Levine and Maroon 5 called “Payphone.” Smart, catchy, ear worm perfection.

Adam Levine and his wife have two small children. No one would ever think to walk up to the Levines and start using f-words and other unsavory language around their children because we can all agree that vulgarity is unsuitably impolite (if not abusive) for tender ears.

Adam Levine himself appeared for many years on NBC’s “The Voice” singing program and he never had trouble communicating with participants and viewers while using clean language. So why degrade your own hit song with an added dose of scum?

In dirtbag culture, speaking clearly and effectively does not generate credibility. To be WOKE, Levine enlisted the services of Wiz Khalifa to overlay extra profane lyrics to “Payphone” to give it a more menacing feel. Levine recorded a second set of vocals using profanity to appeal to dirtbag culture.

Notice how even the person who typed the vulgar lyrics felt the need to add asterisks to the foul words.

Why was any of this necessary? To swim with dirtbag culture. It must be profane, relentless, and force its unsavory narrative to soil common human dignity. Now Levine is cool to dirtbags. The clean “Payphone” was just “one more stupid love song.”

There’s the disconnect.

A majority of Americans demand a clean version of radio music, TV language, public speaking language, interpersonal conversation, and online text. The FCC enforces massive fines for using dirtbag profanity on the public airwaves.

Most people don’t use trash language at all. Dirtbags feel entitled to overrun the culture with their sewer mouthed disregard for everyone else’s comfort zone.

COEXIST? Yeah, no thanks. Just stay over there with your dirtbaggery. The rest of us are fine over here away from your bug-eyed, profanity laced rage.

Make no mistake, there are lots of conservatives who will use salty language. But sewer mouth gets almost zero pushback in the liberal community. A majority of people, lefties and righties, don’t care to have their ears blistered with the overly emotional rantings of people who didn’t get their way in 2016.

When Bernie Sanders finally dropped out of the presidential race in early April 2020, fellow former presidential candidate Andrew Yang lauded his colleague with grace and dignity.

Yang appears on cable news shows regularly but somehow forgets to use the f-word while delivering his political perspectives. And the f-word is fine on cable. So what’s up, Yangster? Why not be your true self instead of the sanitized phony version you presented during the debates and on TV.

Trash in. Trash out.

Emotion over logic is not a workable plan. Emotion gets the headlines while logic gets the job done. “Payphone” was perfect in its innocent form and a degradation of culture in its tricked up version.

But to turn the heads of liberals, dirtbaggery is always the go to persona.

As this pandemic shuts down the world through most of 2020, Trump spars with an adversarial media at daily briefings and it only strengthens his hand. “He said COVID-19 was a nineteenth strain but it’s really a reference to 2019! Trump is a MORON!” said some journalist on Twitter which was then repeated by 95% of the media universe without any fact checking.

“Trump called coronavirus a HOAX!” tweets some other misinformed journalist and it is parroted by a massive majority of media lemmings.

Trump makes mistakes, so did Obama. Remember the derision Barack received for stating “I’ve been in 57 states”…oh wait. There was no mockery.

Trump punches everyone at some point and is occasionally falsely accused of misspoken minutiae. All of that is irrelevant to the overall advancement of America at large. Media gloms onto silly non-stories because they amuse other media people. The end result is more partisanship dragging down the culture.

The Trumpkins don’t care.

ABC News sent affiliate radio stations a chance to speak with reporter Jonathan Karl on the morning after he sparred with Donald Trump over the appointment of the Inspector General. Karl brought up the IG’s negative report about limits on medical supplies and Trump snapped back after learning the IG had previously worked for the Obama administration.

Why does anyone care about the reporter’s perspective? The reporter should not be known. The reporter should never insert himself/herself into the story.

The news is about the subject matter, not the person holding the microphone. But in an Instagram fueled culture, everyone needs the spotlight. Reporter narcissism trashes the concept of news gathering. It ain’t about you, reporter guy.

It’s interesting to see all of the positive stories about America’s governors holding daily press conferences. No drama. No gotcha clickbait questions. Just information about the coronavirus status and what happens next.

For Kentucky’s Governor Andy Beshear, its an absolute love fest. A Facebook page celebrating positive memes about Gov. Beshear does not allow any negative comments. The administrator makes it clear that only supportive comments and visual content is welcome.

I love it. Supportive content as we move through a global pandemic is exactly what the human race needs. Kentucky’s loving support of Governor Beshear is inspirational.

Good for Andy. Of course he’s a Democrat so fawning media is expected. Nonetheless, this is how media coverage of a pandemic should be conducted. Let’s report on today’s situation and what is in place to diffuse the danger.

Media typically overestimates its influence. Remember how every media poll said Hillary Clinton would win big in 2016?

Hoping and reporting are two different things.

I don’t sense any sea change from 4 years of constant profane, belligerent, sometimes violent resistance. Trump has pushed back every massive movement to remove him from office. He’s likely going to prevail in November from the murky slowdown of 2020 which kept his opponents’ campaigns from every fully blooming.

We’ll see this fall. One thing is for sure in life. No one has ever had profanities screamed at them by an emotional liberal and thought to themselves “Now that you’ve called me a stupid racist homophobe mother f-er, I see your wisdom and I will switch my opinion to match yours.”

Logic prevails over emotion. Lead with facts, not f***s.

Place more value on dignity than digs. An ignored cockwomble is the worst punishment society can inflict upon him.

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