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While other cities recover from the pandemic, Louisville’s untreated anarchy delays its comeback

These videos display Louisville’s top impediment to the post-pandemic Build Back Better plan. Hordes of screaming protesters continue to block traffic, destroy property, and ignore police commands to allow traffic to move freely.

This activity creates economic stagnation for Louisville as other peer cities slowly work to recover from the pandemic. Why would anyone choose to do business in Louisville if they cannot feel safe or comfortable about a peaceful future here?

In 2021 after the conviction of a Minnesota police officer for choking George Floyd, Black Lives Matter protests are still highly active in many American cities. Lawlessness is essentially tolerated by Louisville city leadership, leaving LMPD to absorb abuse from protesters. Police officers must gently line up to encourage protesters to refrain from blocking streets.

The ability to paralyze a city’s business and transportation came easily to Louisville protesters. Once Mayor Greg Fischer did not enforce curfews in June 2020, protesters have been emboldened to take command of streets without fear of reprisal.

Observe the intense abuse aimed at local police in these videos from the past few days. LMPD livestreams its own responses to protests for clarity and legal protection from claims made by participants.

Police respond to protesters blocking Bardstown Road at Grinstead Drive on Friday night, April 23, 2021. Listen to what protesters scream into police officers’ faces as they quietly hold a line.

Here’s another scene from a few nights earlier a few blocks away from Bardstown Road in the Highlands. Police respond to anti-police protesters at Baringer and Willow Avenue near the 1400 Willow building. Protesters scream and curse at the officers. Denver Dee Garrett, who was punched by an LMPD officer a few nights earlier as he was being arrested, screams at these officers and begs to fight his arresting officer. (April 19, 2021)

How safe would Louisville be if the DEFUND THE POLICE crowd got its way? Would abolishing the police and ending incarceration be helpful to society? Of course not.

People lock their doors for a reason. People have weapons to protect themselves from an unhinged segment of society that is criminally inclined or mentally unstable, or both.

A community is built upon security first, and police provide security. Woke fantasies about a society without cops where everyone lives happily and no one commits heinous crimes is childish nonsense.

Communities build strength though security. Businesses arrive to create jobs and increase the economic muscle of the community. People agree to join the community and pay taxes for schools and infrastructure that benefits all.

Then comes the philanthropy component where the community comes together to help those who cannot seem to help themselves. Everyone begs for community resources to assist one cause or another. If business grinds to a halt, there are no resources.

No resources equals no help. So let’s stop making life harder for regular citizens in Louisville. People can move elsewhere where they’re not hassled by unhinged, screaming, violent miscreants disguised as agents of change.

Math is immune to sentiment.

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